Atomic WHOIS Explorer Features

Atomic WHOIS Explorer is designed to extract email addresses from the WHOIS database.
The WHOIS database contains registration information about domains, their owners and IP addresses, as well as autonomous systems. Our product will help you quickly and effectively deal with the problem of extracting information from the database.
It is possible to find emails and other contact information in the WHOIS database with the help of Atomic WHOIS Explorer.

Work with all types of domains

All types of geographical and commercial zones are supported by Atomic WHOIS Explorer. It works with *com, *net, and *org zones and the *ru zone. as well. Also, Atomic WHOIS Explorer supports international domain names and can collect and extract domains from search engines.

Extraction of additional information

Our program is capable of extracting not only email addresses, but the following data:

  • Phone and fax number

  • Domain registration date

  • Expiry date

Collect and extract domain names from Google

For the extraction domain names in the program, 8 main Google search operators are involved and operators of 434 search engines. You only need to write a keyword and Explorer automatically starts to scan the network. Read more, how to extract domain names from Google in Atomic Whois Explorer.

Proxy support

Atomic WHOIS Explorer does not require a proxy server to access the Internet, and works in multithread mode. There are some limitations to the number of simultaneous access attempts from a single PC. We recommend using a proxy server to bypass these limits.
The program supports Socks 4, Socks 4A and Socks 5 proxy servers.

Quick search

The search process runs in multithread mode, and several hundred domains can be queried per minute.

Expanded Log

You can view an expanded log during the search process. It includes all the found data concerning the selected domains.
The information is presented in a structured table with columns for each contact type.
You can view found data for one domain or for the list of domain names.

Filter contacts

Atomic WHOIS Explorer gathers different contact types. If you do not want to view all of them, set a filter. Only desired contacts will be shown.

Export features

All the extracted data can be exported to MS Office applications and saved for future use by Atomic Mail Sender or Atomic List Manager. You can choose the contact types that will be saved. You can send mass mailings to the email addresses you’ve extracted with Atomic WHOIS Explorer. This program integrates with Atomic Mail Sender (for sending email campaigns) and Atomic Email Verifier (for verifying email addresses).


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