Atomic Whois Explorer

WHOIS Email Extractor


Version 9.10 (2016-08-23)

  • Added a new function: Extracting domains by keyword

Version 9.01 (2015-11-24)

  • obtaining information about domains from the domain zone business was added
  • minor fixes

Version 9.00 (2015-10-23)

  • the search speed was increased
  • the program interface was optimized
  • created a new algorithm for WHOIS servers’ automatic search
  • algorithm for extracting data from the responses was improved
  • processor usage was significally reduced
  • the pause and search progress display was added to Windows task bar
  • the function of duplicates deleting was added

Version 8.07 (2014-06-12)

  • domain validation log added
  • extraction speed improved
  • bug with .EU domains fixed

Version 8.06 (2013-10-23)

  • Fixed bug with long top-level domain zones such as travel, pro, etc.