Atomic Email Studio Update History

Studio v.15.11 includes the following updated software modules:

Sender 9.61

Hunter 15.20

Verifier 10.10

List manager 6.20

Logger 8.71 

Whois Explorer 9.12

Atomic Email Studio 15.10

Studio v.15. 10 includes the following updated software modules:

  • Sender 9.60
  • Hunter 15.19
  • Verifier 10.10
  • List manager 6.20
  • Logger 8.70
  • Whois Explorer 9.12
Atomic Email Studio 15.01

The program includes three updated modules.

Atomic Email Sender version 9.50:

  • New email templates added.

  • Implemented segmentation of mailing lists (the Recipients tab - Create new segment). Added the option of custom attachments for each segmented email list.

  • Fixed a gradient issue in the HTML editor.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented an email campaign resuming after it has been paused.

Atomic Email Hunter version 15.15:

  • Added the possibility of search through proxy servers for the “Parse JavaScript” option.

  • The Yelp plugin has been fixed

Atomic Email Verifier version 10.00:

  • Export of filters from the program Common settings was added

  • Column \"MX record\" to the workspace was added, with the ability of further export

  • Option of filtering and removing hidden characters in the email address field, when importing a contact list, was added.
Atomic Email Studio 14.01

The new program version is ready. We've taken into account your wishes and updated Atomic Email Studio to make its workflow easier and faster. 

Atomic Email Studio 14.01 contains:

  • 6 program modules.

  • Optimized algorithm of its installation.

  • 7 days Trial Period.

  • Updated version of the Atomic Email Hunter 15.00 module.
    Now you can:
    • Keep and restore the search queries in a program, its history is saved on an specified directory of your local disk. Now each search keeps its status and extracted data on the PC. Even if the software was closed you can see, delete or restore all the emails extracted from the web or so by a keyword. 

    • RAM usage by a program is optimized. Thus software takes less memory of your PC, especially during the long term work.

    • Mailing list export in the Atomic Email Hunter without returning to Atomic Email Studio.

  • There is a list of bugs that were fixed:

    • email search with a filter of website content,

    • interface and localization,

    • domain export.

  • The program doesn't support Windows Vista и Windows XP versions.

  • Atomic Email Verifier 9.44 module updated:
     Now you can:

    • Delete invalid emails from your Addresses book. 

    • Mark in red color all the invalid addresses of a mailing list.

  • Atomic Mail Sender 9.44 updated:
    What was fixed:

    • Urgent program closing while log copying.

    • The volume of a RAM used by a program has decreased by half thanks to changing the format of keeping the data.

  • The components of the Atomic List Manager 6.01 email export were updated.

  • Updated Atomic Email Logger 8.60 module (May 2019)

    • All the plugins became free and installed in the program by default.

    • Email search in the files formates: *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.wab, *.xls, *.xlsx.

    • Email extraction from the popular mail programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, Eudora, Incredimail.

      • PST files,

      • CSV files,

      • ZIP, RAR, ACE и GZ archives.
    • The data saving function is optimized and improved.

    • Other small bugs were fixed.

  • Download the new version of Atomic Email Studio 14.01.

Atomic Email Studio 13.01
  • Updated Email Hunter 14.04 module

    • Search within Yelp without specifying the city was added

    • New feature of skipping the certain number of search pages was added

    • Updated list of built-in proxy servers

    • Updated search engines for China

    • Updated Email Hunter User Manual

    • Fixed email addresses filter issues when filter rules didn\'t apply while searching with the Yelp plugin

    • Command-line search was fixed and improved

    • People search feature for Facebook plugin was fixed and improved

    • Fixed the program interface issues and the software behavior as a whole

    • Fixed the issue whereby multiple errors occurred during the search

    • Fixed minor issue within the proxy servers settings menu

    • Fixed the search links building issues

    • Fixed email address filter issues

    • Fixed the incorrect errors of page processing

    • Program optimization to reduce CPU load and increase the search speed

  • Updated Mail Sender 9.42 module

    • Bug when adding account into Bounce Analyzer fixed

    • Create and send a bug report to the customer support when software registration issues take place

  • Updated Email Verifier 9.43 module

    • some bugs were fixed

    • stabilization of the program functionality

  • Fixed an issue of counting the number of email addresses that were loaded to the project
Atomic Email Studio 12.23
  • Updated Mail Sender 9.41:

    • Advertising panels

    • Notifications about the delivery, reading or importance of sent email messages were removed

    • Pre-defined SMTP servers were added

  • Updated Email Hunter 13.20:

    • Now you can decide whether you need contacts from cache or not

    • Try the modified and improved detailed search for better email addresses extraction

    • We fixed the issue when extraction failed through Gooogle
Atomic Email Studio 12.22
  • YELP error 503 fixed which means you can scrape YELP again in Atomic Hunter module
Atomic Email Studio 12.21
  • Email Hunter module is collecting information from YELP (emails, phone numbers) again. Problem when it was not getting all records has been fixed.
Atomic Email Studio 12.20
  • Email Hunter module: New highly anticipated feature: built-in proxies! Proxy pool which comes with software.

  • Email Hunter module: now needs less CPU power. Update if Email Hunter was freezing your computer.
Atomic Email Studio 12.00
  • New Email Hunter module
Atomic Email Studio 11.47
  • Atomic Sender updated so now it has its unsubscribe link working again

  • Atomic Hunter with better targeting. You can target it to a city or area or disctrict like \"physicians in brooklyn ny\"
Atomic Email Studio 11.46
  • Faster results from YELP search in Email Hunter

  • Export bug where columns were coming messed up fixed in Email Hunter
Atomic Email Studio 11.45
  • More results from YELP search with updated Atomic Email Hunter with more built-in proxies!

  • Get emails, phone numbers...almost all the information from a YELP profile.
Atomic Email Studio 11.43
  • Updated Atomic Email Hunter so you can enjoy better YELP email and data extraction
Atomic Email Studio 11.42
  • Updated Atomic Email Hunter includes a new enhanced YELP plugin. 10x more speed and more laser targeted emails.