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History of Atomic Email Logger Updates

Atomic Email Logger 8.60
  • All additional plugins become built-in and free of charge

    • extracting email addresses from the *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.wab, *.xls and *.xlsx files

    • popular email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, Eudora, Incredimail)

    • PST files

    • CSV files

    • ZIP, RAR, ACE and GZ archives.

  • Optimized and improved saving feature

  • Minor fixes
Atomic Email Logger 8.50
  • added the ability to extract email from the history of Skype

  • added the ability to extract email from Viber
Atomic Email Logger 8.35
  • support for new PDF file formats was added
Atomic Email Logger 8.30
  • unicode support

  • new file types processing: DBF, ODT and ODS (Open Office)

  • new menu items to extract from: Desktop, Downloads

  • settings include an option to limit the size of processed file

  • fixed bugs in: Deleting duplicated contacts and extracting emails from CSV, RAR, PST and DOC with tables

  • fixed bugs that appeared when exporting into MS Office file, and increased the save speed
Atomic Email Logger 8.22
  • The Mozilla Firefox cache search was changed

  • The option of removing duplicates with different names was fixed
Atomic Email Logger 8.20
  • New program languages were added – Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Serbian

  • Improved the retrieving of data from a browsers\' temporary files

  • The ability to extract files from MS Access databases was added

  • Expanded list of processed files

  • Improved MS Outlook launching when running the program

  • Fixed \"Out of memory\" bug that appeared when working and saving huge lists

  • Improved the extraction from The Bat mailboxes

  • Fixed crash when deleting duplicates in a large list of email addresses
Atomic Email Logger 8.00
  • Option to select multiple files added

  • Hungarian localization added

  • Greek localization added

  • Export component added

  • Suspicious emails filter updated

  • Each contact now has information from which file it was extracted

  • Social panel can be turned off

  • Links to settings and export are added o the ribbon panel

  • New file types added to the exceptions list (files which are skipped when scanning)

  • If there is no file extension it is automatically added

  • Localization errors fixed

  • Error with .docx files fixed
Atomic Email Logger 7.05
  • Social panel has been added

  • Some extraction engine bugs have been fixed

  • PST file processing plug-in to the Atomic Email Logger (this plug-in opens Outlook PST files and harvest e-mail addresses and the user names from them) comes with the fix for the bugs effecting Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 users
Atomic Email Logger 7.00
  • Search panel was added

  • New Ribbon UI for Vista and Windows 7

  • Unicode files are supported now

  • New e-mail extraction engine. It now finds even more contacts

  • \"Class not registered\" OLE error has been fixed

  • Some crashes on window-resize have been fixed

  • Several minor bugs have been fixed
Atomic Email Logger 4.04
  • Help in Spanish, Italian and Russian added
Atomic Email Logger 4.00
  • Integration with List manager Online

  • Drag-and-drop support for all applications with drag-and-drop support

  • Drag-and-drop support for Windows Explorer

  • Drag-and-drop support for easy e-mail extraction from Outlook

  • Drag-and-drop support for easy e-mail extraction from Outlook Express

  • Custom e-mail deleting option with smart search criteria

  • Optimized for Windows Vista

  • F4 key to access Common Settings

  • Automatically checking for upgrades

  • Offer to transfer addresses to Sender, Verifier or List Manager on exit

  • Email addresses from HTML-based email are now extracted much better

  • More clear and smart extraction of email addresses

  • Filters for extraction - include and exclude rules

  • Option to view e-mail addresses extracted from the specified file in a list

  • Option to sort files list

  • Demo version can save addresses now (up to 7 contacts)

  • Multi-language support
Atomic Email Logger 2.60
  • Integration with Member Area
Atomic Email Logger 2.54
  • Full integration with the future version of AMS3
Atomic Email Logger 2.45
  • Some minor changes
Atomic Email Logger 2.30
  • Some error has been fixed in email export

  • Copy file name to the Clipboard

  • \"More plug-ins\" item in \"Plugins\" menu