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Atomic Mail Sender Updates

Atomic Mail Sender 9.60
  • SSL version updated to 1.0.2u
  • Added the option of highlighting emails and coping to the clipboard in the Recipient tab, added the hotkey "Ctrl+C"

  • A sending report encoding fixed
  • The error "00BC5AB6 in module" fixed, which occurred when a message is sent  by means of a proxy server
Atomic Mail Sender 9.55
  • Added option individual sender name for each SMTP
  • Added file for initial import of SMTP settings
  • Added setting to disable NOOP

  • Fixed errors after importing a file in the \"Addresses\" section
  • Changes have been made to the Tracker service
Atomic Mail Sender 9.50
Major Release
Now every search you run is saved in its complete state at the system disk. You can resume the previous searches as well as restore extracted contacts even after program shutdown (and program crash).
  • New email templates added.

  • Implemented segmentation of mailing lists (the Recipients tab - Create new segment). Added the option of custom attachments for each segmented email list.

  • Fixed a gradient issue in the HTML editor.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented an email campaign resuming after it\'s been paused.
Atomic Mail Sender 9.44
  • Added new function - delete incorrect addresses in the Address book

  • Incorrect addresses in Address book highlighted red color now
Atomic Mail Sender 9.43
  • Blacklist: added feature to block sending by a mask

  • SSL libraries updated

  • Added the ability to embed a link to Instagram

  • Bounce Analyzer:

  1. Original messages are no longer saved;

  2. Only the last 100 checks are saved in the connection log;

  3. User tags have disappeared from checked messages

  • Link Check:

  1. Fixed error when opening;

  2. Some http links were considered invalid

  • Fixed minor bugs
Atomic Mail Sender 9.42
  • Bug when adding account into Bounce Analyzer fixed

  • Create and send a bug report to the customer support when software registration issues take place
Atomic Mail Sender 9.41
  • Pre-defined SMTP servers were added

  • Advertising panels
Atomic Mail Sender 9.40
  1. Google Sheets email list import and export

  2. Bug when deleting a column fixed.
Atomic Mail Sender 9.37
  • Delivery Report saving for large email lists fixed

  • Blacklist Export for large email lists fixed

  • Address book export added

  • The progress for the long time Address book operations has been displayed

  • Quick Address book clearing added

  • Bugs when email list is importing to the Address book fixed
Atomic Mail Sender 9.36
  • Using pictograms in the subject and message body

  • Automatic detection of settings for SMTP,POP, IMAP servers based on user email

  • Support of IDN SMTP servers

  • Support of non-ASCII username and SMTP password

  • The delivery reports master has been redesigned
Atomic Mail Sender 9.35
  • Compatibility (editor, messages preview, templates preview) with all versions of IE

  • Import contacts from MS Outlook and MS Windows Contacts

  • The absence of X-Mailer in the email

  • Display a few random pictures in the email

  • Display spintext in the email

  • Substitution an incorrect address of the tracker server

  • Bug with freezing when mailing list is importing fixed

  • Ability to Save HTML with images

  • Incorrect HELO setting fixed

  • Freezing when emails are sent with random pictures
Atomic Mail Sender 9.30
  • New spring email templates were added (English only)

  • Mailing list was optimized to work better with large email lists

  • Large email list import to Black list was optimized

  • Email message Analyzer error was fixed

  • Improved the preparation speed of sending an email message with multiple images

  • Responsive email templates support (Internet Explorer 11 only)

  • Can now import Office files to any mailing list
Atomic Mail Sender 9.20
  • Integration with SendPulse SMTP was added
  • Default messages were added
  • Latvian localization was added
  • The choice of the SMTP server while test message sending was added
  • Calculation of messages size with attached files was fixed
  • Improved the sending of SMTP log to technical support
  • Minor errors were fixed
  • SMTP checker was deleted
Atomic Mail Sender 9.12
  • Minor bugs were fixed
Atomic Mail Sender 9.11
  • The error that occurred in the Unsubscribe Wizard while checking on POP3 with no encryption is now fixed

  • Now, when you add addresses to mailing list spaces for Unicode table they are cropped