HLR phone number validation

Imagine the following situation. You have gathered the thousands of phone numbers of your target audience. But you don’t know whether they are active or not. You launch several SMS campaigns using this address book, and the hundreds of messages go nowhere because they have been sent to nonexistent phone numbers. Do, you just waste your budget. For avoiding such an unfortunate situation, verify phone numbers before sending SMS.

Another case is when you spend on your SMS campaign more money than you’ve planned. It can happen if there are such telephone numbers in the address book you’ve used for text messages sending:

  • foreign ones;

  • the telephone numbers of the operator you don’t need (the one that is more expensive to send SMS to);

  • the ones in roaming.

To avoid this situation you need to check the details about the phone numbers from your contact list in advance.

Both these problems that are described above can be solved with AtomPark HLR phone number validation. We provide international number lookups. With the help of them you will find out the essential details about each phone number from your address book:

  • whether it’s active or not;

  • what is the name of the operator;

  • what country it belongs to.

How does HLR Lookup work?

Further you will read the details about SMS look up software usage: what it is and the main principles of its work, what is the profit of this service, how to get started with it.

What is HLR lookup?

This is the way to check if a phone number is active and get the other details about it with the help of the HLR database. This is the Home Location Register which contains the information about all existent phone numbers that have access to the GSM network. It is automatically updated every time the mobile operator activates a new number. All the phone numbers are stored in the database until they are no longer used. If the system determines that the phone number is not active anymore, it is immediately removed from the database. Also, the mobile numbers' checkup includes IMSI code lookup. It allows finding out which operator the subscriber belongs to.

Why to use foreign phone number lookup?

This will let you check the important details about the phone number:

  • if it is active or not;

  • if it is in roaming or not;

  • what country the subscriber lives in;

  • what is the operator.

HLR lookup of sim numbers will help to use the budget for SMS campaigns more rationally. After using HLR lookup you will keep only mobile numbers with active status in your address book. So, you won’t waste money on sending messages to the subscribers that do not exist. Also, you will avoid the problem of sending texts to the wrong operators or the phone numbers in roaming.

How to use HLR lookup software?

Just upload your contact base to the service, and you will get the result with extended information about each phone number. The subscribers won’t get to know that you have checked them.

Check the phone numbers and save your budget with HLR lookup!