Email Crawler is Perfect For: Top Problems Solved by Atomic Hunter

Building an email list is one of the important keys to business success today. Let’s see what part of this process devoted to Atomic Email Hunter, how people use email crawler software, and the ways how can the program solve these problems.

Reasons Why People Crawl Websites to Get Email Addresses

There are legal and illegal goals of using email crawling programs. Of course spamming is one of the worst things for the business, that’s why we’ll talk about the most common reasons for legal email crawling.

Here is the list of situations when or for what people use our program:

  • e-Commerce:

    • Searching for potential customers contacts to grow clients database.

    • To contact the site webmasters, bloggers, and journalists for the guest-blogging.

    • To get the addresses of events organizers for info-partnership.

  • Non-commercial goals – to find the contacts of the potential employer, job search.

These are common situations that any of us might find ourselves in. Let’s analyze these cases more detailed.

Atomic Email Hunter Atomic Email Hunter v.15.20
Atomic Email Hunter v.15.20

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How Does Email Crawler Can Help in Blogging?

Sphere – Content Marketing, Email Outreach, Guest Blogging

Goal – find the emails of blog admins for guest blogging and partnership

Imagine the situation: You’re a marketer, which is responsible for the cooperation with third-party platforms within guest blogging.

Your task is to establish communication with representatives of relevant resources for publishing materials as soon as possible. In particular, you need to send an email with your offer.

There are two ways to do this task:

  • manually search for contacts on sites – too slow, 75% of success (some sites have invalid contact forms or do not provide contact information at all),

  • entrust the search for email addresses to an automated program – fast, 95% of success (extracts even hidden email addresses).

Choosing the second variant, all that you have to do is:

  • download and launch Atomic Email Hunter,

  • define the search location,

  • choose the type of search:

    • by keyword – if you don’t know the range of websites,

    • by URL – if you have the list of URLs

    • combining URL and keyword search

  • start the crawling

And in 3 minutes get the result – 45 addresses and websites:

The main thing is to choose the right keywords to search. Exactly for this case were used next phrases: “write for us”, “blog”, “content marketing”, “digital marketing".

How Can Email Address Crawler Be Useful For Media-Partnership?

Sphere – Event Marketing, Information partnership

Goal – to connect event managers to get media support

The situation: You are the Marketing and PR manager, responsible for establishing contacts with managers of the events, relevant to your field.

Your task is to contact them by email and present your offer.

Let’s suppose you have a list of websites. If you want to do this task quickly, you have to:

  1. launch Atomic Email Hunter. If you have Mac read the tutorial on how to install Atomic software on Mac.

  2. choose the location, for example – USA,

  3. in the search bar choose “Search in the list”

  4. copy paste your website list,

  5. press ‘OK” and wait for results.

The result – 32 emails addresses for 3 min. All that’s left to do is send them your offer.

Now think how long would this process take if you did everything yourself?

Email Crawler Software as the Key to the Grows of the Sales

Sphere – e-Commerce

Goal – customer engagement, grows of the customer database

Сlassic situation: You are the owner of a small online shop, for example, devices for gamers. Your task – to find the addresses of potential clients.

As your target audience is mostly young people, the best place to look for contacts of computer game fans is social networks, Facebook in particular.

Time is money, so the best solution is to use the program that will crawl websites to get email addresses without your assistance – Atomic Email Hunter.

There are 6 easy steps to get desirable result:

  1. Launch email crawler

  2. Choose the Facebook search type

  3. Enter your Facebook account

  4. Press “Find people” button

  5. Use relevant keywords

  6. And wait about 3 min for the results

How Does Email Crawler Can Help You to Find a Job?

Goal – Job search

How much time does the research of new vacancies take? And given the fact that employers do not always indicate contacts for communication, the process is delayed even more.

How much easier it would be to find the vacancy and the employer contact immediately to analyze the requests and send a CV to the one list of selected address.

Task – to create the list of recuiters email addresses

The situation:

You are interested in game localization and looking for a suitable vacancy in your country. But not all companies publish ads for recruitment on specialized portals. Moreover, many of them offer to fill out special forms and do not give contact details for communication.

So, how does Atomic Email Hunter can help to solve this situation?

  • Launch the program

  • Select the country for search

  • Choose the “keyword search”

  • Enter appropriate keywords

  • And wait for results – 3-15 min

We gave you an example of the most common situations, the essence of which was that Atomic Email Hunter is the perfect tool to crawl websites to get email addresses. More information about the email crawler you may hind here.

Download a free version of Atomic Email Hunter to discover the benefits of the program by yourself.


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