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How to Activate Atomic Programs on a Mac?

When purchasing this software for bulk email marketing for use on your Mac, you must be absolutely sure that our software will launch and fully function on your computer.

Given the fact that the original Atomic line was designed for Windows OS, activation on a Mac further requires the creation of a virtual machine and then the installation of Windows. You can do this using the Parallels Desktop. Its advantage is that you can transition to OS X on Windows without restarting the computer.

Quick Start Guide and Configuration of Parallels Desktop

  1. Download and run the Parallels Desktop. Start the virtual machine creation.

  2. Select your favorite version of Windows and install it (using your image installation disk or USB drive). Parallels Desktop offers a choice of some free OS, including Windows 10. It is free because it is delivered in the beta version. In any case, you need to install Windows, so the choice of version is completely up to you. If desired, the system can be updated. The upgrade process is similar to that of standard Windows computers.

  3. The process of installing a virtual machine will require minimum time from you, because everything is automated. The only thing you need to decide is the way the virtual machine will be used and the operating mode (parallel display of Windows on the desktop or the ability to switch between operating systems).

Installation of the Atomic Program

  1. Select the program you want on our website and download it to your computer.
    The download, installation and activation should occur with the Windows system, which you have already installed through Parallels Desktop.

  2. Using Atomic software on a virtual system is no different from on a real Windows OS. You just upload everything from the site trial version, purchase a license key to register it – and get the software for email marketing with lifetime use.

We provide full support for each Atomic product 24/7.

Also remember that for a full year after the purchase of the program, you have access to free updates.