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Yelp email scraping plugin is developed to scrape yelp data such as email addresses from The Yelp data extractor is free and is already integrated into Atomic Email Hunter. is a website for searching within the local businesses with the opportunity to add and look through crowd-sourced reviews about restaurants, barbershops, and other services. All the businesses are divided by the categories like shopping, nightlife, beauty and spas, automotive, etc., so you choose the necessary category for more target search.

How to extract data from Yelp

The plugin is very easy to use and will collect data from Yelp in few minutes. To start working with the plugin, click the corresponding button on the toolbar and see its settings.

  • By the first step click on the Yelp plugin icon in the top menu.
  • Specify the search options and provide such information as: “Region” – The search can be processed according to the county; for example, USA, Italy, Germany, France etc. “State” – Depending on what country you have selected, a list of states (for the U.S.) will appear. City and area – Enter the city (and area if necessary). Email address extraction will occur only for the selected city and area.

yelp scraper

  • Once all of the above parameters have been set, you can enter category keywords to target companies. The Yelp data extraction process will run according to these keywords in the chosen city:

yelp data scraping

Atomic Email Hunter collects all available data from yelp – email address, name, phone, locality, postal code, street and even tag. Choose the most relevant keywords and you will get the goal results.

Try all advantages of Atomic Email Hunter and you will achieve your business goals for sure!


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