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Use the opportunity to contact your prospective clients. Atomic Email Hunter provides an incredible ability to extract emails from Twitter – highly developed social network, where your potential clients are located. Our brand new plugin helps you to avoid manual collecting email addresses. The plugin is integrated into Atomic Email Hunter and free of charge.

How to extract emails with the Twitter plugin?

  1. In order to extract emails from you should open the software and click a Twitter button in the toolbar. Please note, there is no possibility to save your results in a demo version.twitter email extractor
  2. After, press Find People button and specify your search data, such as country, state, city and job title. Then click Get Emails.
  3. Please, wait a couple of minutes while the software proceeds and finish extracting.
  4. After the search is done, you may export results into Excel, Word files; clipboard or other Atomic Software for checking and sending email campaigns.
I downloaded a free trial of this and it works really good. It works fast. I was looking for an email extraction solution since I am tired of manually scraping. Its simple, just go to New Search and type your keyword....and just wait a few hours...last time, I extracted about 1500 emails in about 3 I want to upgrade cause it really - February 21, 2018....yes, this software works for 2018... Read more »
Emily Lima
Marketing Boo
We were having to manually visit each website of our customers and note their email id. This was slowing us down and moreover was very boring. A quick google search landed me to atomic email hunter page. I tried the free version and was amazed on how quickly it automated my task to pulling out email ids. It freed up so much of my time that I could use for more complex work. Super product! I highly recommend. Now I just paste a list of urls and the tool pulls out email ids for each of the page of the website (not just the contact us page). Go for it! Read more »
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