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12 Email List Management Best Practices In 2022

How to Manage an Email List?

Low engagement isn’t just a bad thing in email marketing because you’re not using your audience to the fullest. This isn’t good because it impacts your email deliverability – your overall ability to reach out to your subscribers’ inbox and increase your revenue goals. That’s where you need email list management best practices.

Make it a strategy

Managing mailing list isn’t just good practice. It’s a strategy that may put you ahead of other businesses and turn your email marketing program into a program that delivers outstanding ROI.

Make sure your forms are configured correctly

While you probably already have an email database to manage mail lists, it makes sense to start at the very sales funnel top and make sure your signup forms are set up correctly to gather data. Apply professional tools like Email List Manager to succeed.

Mind the data processing

Always ask for a permission to store, process and use the personal data. Make sure that the details you are tracking via forms are the data you will be using for mailings. The more complex fields you add to a mailing list, the more work needs to be done to maintain it.

Master tags and segmentation

Other effective methods for managing mailing lists and building your list with quality contacts only are tags and segmentation.

Whether you are dealing with new followers or those who have been on your list for many months, you need to segment your audience in order to conduct more targeted campaigns and increase engagement.

Mind your targeting and segmentation

The more mailings are targeted at the customer segment that is most likely to be interested in a particular offer, the more successful the mailing will be. Plan half the time in your email campaign and budget to refine your mailing list best practices for the appropriate segment of your customer.

Greet your new customers with welcome letters

When all the new followers are added to your contact list, their engagement and interest in your brand are at their highest.

They will make a conscious decision to fill out the form and provide you with their email address because they were interested in you. And now they are looking forward to your next step.

The best way of controlling email subscribers is to make a good impression on your new subscribers via sending them an awesome welcome email or even a whole sequence of emails.

Reactivate subscribers

Do you have abandoned subscribers? You know, people who haven’t opened any of your emails or clicked on links for, say, 90 days, etc? Reactivate them.

Make sure that you regularly re-engage your subscribers, either through manual campaigns or better yet, by building automated funnels.

You should be aware of how closely users are engaging with your content. If a significant number of your recipients show no interest, most of your emails will either be delivered to your junk mail folder or not delivered at all. Then you know what to do with email list.

Remove inactive subscribers

Automatically remove inactive subscribers. Clean up your lists. Now, there may be times when even your re-engagement campaigns fail.

What then is to be done as ways to monetize your email list? Ideally, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, you should either exclude these contacts from your future mailings or even remove them from your list and gain some new ones instead.

While this may seem like a radical approach, especially for small businesses where every potential customer matters, you should consider how poor deliverability may impact your bottom line. It is almost always cheaper to attract new acquaintances that would be happy to do business with you rather than keep on working out those who do not care any longer.

Track bounces

Automatically remove email addresses that have been returned. For this, you need to track your bounce rate. There may be two types of bounces in emails – soft and hard.

The program or soft bounces are usually temporary and mean that the mailbox cannot be reached at some point, for example, because the mailbox is full or temporarily blocked, etc. On the other hand, hard bounces are constant. They mean that the email address is not available because, for example, it does not exist or is invalid at all. That’s why it’s wise to revise your lists regularly.

Apply tools creating a mailing list

What is list management? Basically, a mailing list is a text file that separates records of contacts into common fields. These lists are usually in the form of sheets or tables, with each entry on a separate line divided into columns containing separate data fields, as shown in the basic mailing list.

Using email scraper software or any other tool you increase your productivity and makes the process easier and faster. Besides, if you use email marketing software, in most cases you don’t need to worry about bounce tracking and others.

Analyze contacts

It is worth sending emails to your subscribers based on their engagement analysis will further help you send emails to the right people at the right time. And it will increase your engagement and conversion rate.

Apply A / B testing to determine what works

You’re probably aware of how A / B testing works. A / B testing or split testing is an experiment in which you build two (or more) variations of the same campaign. It helps you to see which one works best. Vary with creatives and email templates, etc. At the end of your experiment, the winning variant becomes the one you keep working on to get the best results.

Through A / B testing experiments, you can measure the effectiveness of your emails to determine which one is most effective. The more you test, the better you understand your target audience and the better your deliverability, engagement, and conversion rates will become.

To sum up

A good email database management tool will more likely to allow you to create customize and send engaging emails to the users that really exist and are actively involved in your brand communication. It may also allow you to manage your contact lists, segment users into groups, and track the performance of your campaigns and so much more.

Apply the best email list management tips to speed up the process. Most importantly, a good email newsletter service ensures that your emails don’t end up in your spam folder. So, always do your best to use the software with spam filters and other useful features.

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