Updated Atomic Email Autoresponder 4.00


We have released a new version of Atomic Email Autoresponder. This program is used to send a series of emails automatically when a certain rule is triggered. So when a user sends you an email with the word "widgets" the program sends the emails you prepared according to your schedule.

Here's the list of improvements in the new version:

  • Support for secure (SSL) connection to mail servers
  • Support for utf-8 encoding
  • Interface scalability
  • French, Greek and Slovenian localizations
  • Many fixes for small bugs

If you want to try our latest Atomic Email Autoresponder please download the latest version from our website: http://www.massmailsoftware.com/d/





If you have any questions call us at +1-707-7098405 or use Live Chat button on our website.


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