Subscription forms for sms mailings

Atomic SMS service announces new feature – the opportunity to create web-forms for collecting phone numbers of those subscribers who want to receive your sms messages.

By default, web-form contains "Phone" field that is filled by a customer when subscribing.

Add the necessary number of other fields and draw the subscription form according to your website or blog design. When you finish with form creation, "get html" button and sms service will generate an html-code, ready for pasting on your site.

If you want to use phone number confirmation then activate "Confirmation required" field in the web-form Settings tab.
Note, that each sent sms message with a confirmation code is paid from a user account balance.

All subscribers' phone numbers are collected into the address book that is assigned to the web-form you are creating ("Settings" tab). This may be the existent address book or newly created, special for new subscribers' contacts.

A created web-form is the same for email and sms services. This is very convenient when you are using both Atomic services – for email and sms bulk mailings.

Log in into Atomic SMS service member area and evaluate the easiness of subscription form creation.

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