New Atomic Email Hunter 10.40

AtomPark Software has released a new version of Atomic Email Hunter 10.40

The main advantage of the new version is free Yelp plugin. Now you can extract email addresses from the website All you need to do to get the address is enter a keyword and select a country.

More information can be found here

Some functions were added:

  • Tips for keywords in the search line now appear
  • Settings of the number of streams and timeout access to the domain can be used from the general settings in the Craigslist plugin
  • There is a warning about the unregistered version

Also, some program errors were fixed:

  • The bug when searching through the list, that did not work with large lists, was fixed
  • The error while exporting to Atomic List Manager was fixed
  • The filter for links with images was improved
  • Yandex search was improved
  • Bugs while parsing emails were fixed
  • Bugs while searching for new links on pages were fixed
  • The error preventing the email filter from working in Mailbox plugin was fixed
  • The error with the search function was fixed
  • Some interface and localization bugs were fixed
  • Incorrect coding links were fixed

Now it is prohibited to edit default search engine parameters, and the function to skip domains for search on the site is disabled.

Use the newest program version for greater results!

The new programm you can download here

If you have any questions, please refer to our technical support page.

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