Atomic SMS Extension for Chrome

We have created the new solution to send quickly thousands of SMS without having to create a preliminary mailing list and searching for contacts is reduced to a minimum.

With the Google Chrome extension Atomic SMS sending text messages is a way easier now.

The software automatically recognizes and copies all the numbers of the pages you visit.

Functions Atomic SMS for Chrome Extension:

Quick sending SMS without switching to a web panel.

 Search for and extract mobile phone numbers

 Storing numbers for different pages

 Identification of the country where the phone number is registered

  Automatic detection of the country's domain

  Automatic detection of the country's page language

  Automatic detection of the country's content language

Reports on sent campaigns in your SMS service account


Do you want to check advantages of the new app?

Download Atomic SMS for free and the extension will appear in the browser bar. Enter the username / password of your SMS service account and start sending SMS mailings.


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