New product! Whois Database - 15 million domain names with owners emails

New domian database from AtomPark Software has been released.

Atomic Whois Database is database of more than 15 million domain names given together with domain owners contact details (name, email, address etc.).

Information represented in Atomic Whois Database is equal to the one on Whois database entered by the registrant upon registering domain names.

Database is divided into 6 groups on the TLD name basis (.US, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .RU) and is categorized alphabetically within each group. Information can be saved to .CSV, .XLS files or clipboard.

You can Use Atomic Whois Database with Atomic Mail Sender to broadcast your email message to domain name administrators or if you wish you can manage your mailing lists with Atomic List Manager for building а high-quality list of valid e-mails that does not contain unwanted ones.

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