Meet the updated Atomic Mail Sender 9.55

Time has come! We got something new out of our system.

We added new features and fixes old bugs in the new version of Atomic Mail Sender 9.55.

  • Added option for individual sender name for each SMTP

To do this, go to “Settings”, select “General Settings”, click “SMTP Tab” and select the “Name” field.

  • Added file for initial import of SMTP settings

To use this feature go to “Settings” click “General Settings” and select the SMTP tab.

  • Added setting to disable NOOP

For this option go to “Settings”, then to “General Settings”, click on the “SMTP-checkbox” tab and select “Keep Connection”. 

  • Fixed errors after importing a file in the "Addresses" section
  • Changes have been made to the Tracker service

The updated version of the program is already available for download.