Atomic Web Spider 4.00 with Google Chrome Support

We have updated Atomic Web Spider 4.00 - software for collecting email addresses, fax, phone numbers and Skype IDs on the pages you visit.

New important features in this release:

  • support for Chrome browser 
  • support for Firefox 9 and 10
  • exporting data separately (for example, without mixing phone and fax numbers)

Clients who bought the software less than a year ago can update free of charge by downloading the latest version at

Those who bought Atomic Web Spider over a year ago can update with a 40% discount from the standard price. To upgrade please login to the member area at and click "Click here to update (40% OFF)"

If you own any other Atomic software you will get 20% discount for Atomic Web Spider after you login to

Please contact our support team at if you need help with upgrade or purchase.

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