Why you need to clean your mailing list

When you have conducted marketing research and collected a list of email addresses, then your next important task is to check their existence. Even the best mail list may have duplicate names, old and undeliverable addresses, or some names that you may not want to mail to. Email list cleaning will mean you won’t send emails to non-existent addresses, saving you a great deal of money.

When Should You Use Email List Cleaner?

You should clean your email list when:

  • Your email list hasn’t been emailed to in more than 90 days.

  • You don’t have deliverability statistics.

  • Invalid email addresses have not been continuously removed.

  • Mailing to old, dormant emails that have been abandoned. ISPs treat these as spam traps.

  • Your company has merged with another firm and the acquired firm’s email list is in an unknown condition.

If you aren’t building and managing your own email lists, you run the risk of being flagged as spam and decreasing your ROI. It is critical that you ensure your lists are clean and up to date. Here are 4 simple steps to effective email list cleaning:

  1. Review the records in your lists to correct any misspellings and typos entered during acquisition (for example, chris@yaho.com, mark!gmail.com, etc.). You should also remove any distribution email addresses, such as info@company.com; system email addresses, such as postmaster@company.com; and any email address with the word “spam” in it. That’s the most basic part of email list cleaning.

  2. Manage Bounce Rates. Emails can bounce for many reasons: the email address is incorrect or closed; the recipient’s mailbox is full; the mail server is down; or the system detects spam or offensive content.

  3. Remove subscribers from your list who don’t want to receive your emails.

  4. Re-engage inactive subscribers by profiling them. What devices did they use? What time of day did they typically open your messages? Once you have a better understanding of the types of subscribers you are trying to re-engage, create relevant messaging that will resonate with them.

Carrying out these steps will take you a lot of time; that’s why we recommend you use the email list cleaner, Atomic Mail Verifier – an effective email list cleaning software. It will test your email list for the existence of the domain names and email addresses.

Atomic Mail Verifier conducts all operations quickly and efficiently because it uses three methods for checking email addresses. All procedures are produced in multithread mode and use all the features of the Internet channel.

How to Clean Email Lists with Atomic Mail Verifier

  • Syntax test the email address. Emails that don’t correspond to the program’s standard will be excluded from the list (such as addresses like john!@$mail.com).email list cleaning software

  • Verify the existence of the recipient’s domain name. If there isn’t a domain, then there is no email address. Therefore, it is not allowed into the third stage of testing. If the recipient’s email is john@mail.com and the domain mail.com exists, then you should check for the existence of an address in this domain.how to clean email lists

  • Thoroughly check an email that has passed the two previous steps. The program looks for a SMTP-server that corresponds to the domain and checks the existence of the user.email list cleaning

Atomic Mail Verifier also has verifications with Facebook. You must sign in, and the program will check your list of emails to find which ones are registered in Facebook.

If you have more than 1000 addresses in the list, we recommend you check them every month to observe the tendency of an increase in invalid email addresses.

4 Benefits of Email List Cleaning:

  • Save wasted money – a clean email lists save you the trouble of spending money to send messages to inactive and/or non-responsive addresses;

  • Reduce spam complaints – sending to bad email addresses triggers results in spam complaints and ISP blocks. The cleaner your list, the better your chance for delivery and inbox placement.

  • Improve campaign results – higher inbox placement rates mean higher email open rates. This leads to increased conversions and sales, which equals higher ROI on your email campaigns.

  • Reduce reputation risks – repeatedly sending to invalid email addresses can hurt the sender reputation of your company and registered domain. The higher your engagement rate, the better your delivery rate.

The email list cleaner Atomic Mail Verifier will be your reliable assistant in checking and cleaning all non-existent and invalid addresses.


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