How to improve email deliverability?

Email marketing is a powerful and effective tool, that is the most cost-effective marketing channel. It helps us to deliver a suitable message to the right person and at the most convenient time.

One of the most important tasks an email marketer must perform is improve email deliverability. Because of spam and phishing, it is difficult to cut through the noise and deliver relevant emails to the targeted audience.

Email marketers should work untiringly to avoid their emails getting into spam folders to achieve high email deliverability. This process includes list management, email authentication and improvement of reputation.

What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability is the percentage measure that expresses how many emails get into inboxes without bouncing or being marked as spam.

The metric that tells you how many of your emails were accepted by the Internet service provider is called “email deliverability rate”. It means that the service provider didn’t reject them. If you have a low email deliverability rate, pay attention to where and when it happened and make adjustments accordingly.

Factors that influence the email deliverability are sender’s IP address reputation, quality of your contact list, message design and content, and its frequency and relevance.

According to statistics, one out of six emails never gets into inboxes. When it happens, it’s time to change this situation. Try to cut that rate in half, from one out of six to one out of twelve. But how do you do this?

How to improve email deliverability?

First of all, don’t buy or copy contact lists because such lists contain many spam traps and bad quality email addresses. If you collect addresses by yourself then check and clean your email list because your reputation is at stake. Many companies don’t think about cleaning the list until they are faced with email deliverability problems (such as getting blacklisted). However, marketers must carefully plan their email cleaning activity. This procedure will usually take you a long time, but using Atomic Mail Verifier it will only take 5-10 minutes. Atomic Mail Verifier will verify your contact list for non-existent or invalid domain names and email addresses.

Conduct a syntax test and emails that don’t correspond to the program’s standard will be excluded from the list.

Check that the recipient’s domain name exists. If there isn’t a domain, then there is no email address.

Check the emails that have passed the two previous steps. The program looks for a SMTP-server that corresponds to the domains and checks the existence of the users.

In the example above, there are 4 invalid addresses that reduce your email deliverability. Delete them and it will be higher. This way, you can also avoid spam traps: email addresses that have not been used for about 18 months.

Further steps to improve email deliverability

  • Use Double Opt-in. Send the confirmation email after the subscriber entered his email address into the form and clicked submit. He isn’t subscribed until he clicks a link in the confirmation letter.

  • Avoid over-mailing. Avoid mailing more than once a day. Over-mailing leads to low deliverability because subscribers tend to respond less.

  • Be recognizable by your subscribers. Send emails from the name of your company or brand.

  • Send emails from a consistent IP address with a good sender score.

  • Use clear email subject lines. Don’t write about a sale in the email subject line and don’t offer it in the email either.

  • Never send emails with an attachment. If you want to send a PDF, include a link to download the document in the email.

  • Avoid spam words such as: ‘sale’, ‘free’, ‘100% satisfied’, ‘act now’, ‘no cost’, ‘potential earnings’, etc.

Clean up your email list using Atomic Mail Verifier and it will be your guarantee of a brilliant sending reputation, getting emails into inboxes and achieving high email deliverability!


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