Ready-to-Use SMS Templates

Constant communication with customers via SMS or Viber messaging is very important for developing business. It helps to:

  • Set up the registration on the website. If you want only real people to create the accounts on your company website, make it compulsory to enter the phone number while getting registered and send the confirmation code in the transactional SMS.

  • Organize the process of the purchase. For this, you can also use transactional text messages. Place the details on the order there: the number of it, the approximate time of delivery, the tracking number of the package, etc.

  • Make the service more client-oriented. For example, beauty salons can send reminders for people not to forget that they have booked some procedures.

  • Boost sales and keep customers. Promotional SMS notify people about the sales and other favorable offers can be sent both to the potential clients and old customers.

Do you want to use SMS for business, but don’t know how to write the text of them? Read further, and check out the business SMS samples we have prepared for various spheres. Feel free to use them as references for your text messages.

E-commerce SMS Templates

Both transactional and promotional text messages are important in this case. It’s regularly needed to confirm registrations and send the details on the order. Also, promo mobile messages are used for boosting sales. They can be sent both to warm and cold audiences. If you’ve chosen the second variant, use a lead scraper to extract relevant phone numbers from the web.

We’ve prepared some examples for you. So feel free to use any sample of SMS for advertising or service messages from this list as a reference for your text message:

  • 30986 Use this code for confirming registration on Enjoy your shopping, %Name_of_receiver%!

  • %Name_of_receiver%, thanks for your order #65477. It’s being processed. Sending: tomorrow. Delivery term: up to 3 days.

  • %Name_of_receiver%, prepare for winter, and keep warm! Use the promo code GHT321 to get 15% off for knitwear at

SMS for Banking, Finance, & Accounting

In this sphere, mostly transactional messages are used. Usually, they are sent automatically. So, you need just to set up the process once, and the users will receive SMS in the needed time without your effort. Here are sample SMS for payment reminders, transaction confirmation, and notifications for banking, finance, and accounting sphere:

  • %Name_of_receiver%, your Gas bill is in. USD 77.95, is due for payment till the 5th of Oct.

  • 567976 Enter this code to confirm payment USD 55 from card 4519***
  • Your payment of USD 5 to MC Donald’s was successfully processed at 2:15 PM on 12/09/20

  • SMS Templates for Entertainment

    In this sphere, promotional SMS are used more often. They are sent to tell about the upcoming events, give discounts, thank customers, or ask them for the feedback. Here are sample SMS for advertising and keeping in touch with the target audience for the entertainment sphere:

    • Hi, %Name_of_receiver%! Don’t forget about the Students’ Day party on the 17th of Nov., which starts at 10 PM. Buy a ticket in advance for only $10.

    • Dear %Name_of_receiver%! Thanks for visiting the party. Please leave your feedback at

    • %Name_of_receiver%, 2 tickets for the New Year party are booked. Please check your account to download them.

    Text Templates for Medical Providers

    Take care of the patients by sending them reminders and some favorable offers. Here are some free SMS templates for the medical sphere:

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%! You have successfully booked the complex wellness check at Dr. Jackson’s clinic. See you on Sat., 14th of Nov. at 10:30 AM

    • Dear %Name_of_receiver%! Don’t forget about dental consultation tomorrow at 11 AM at DentaHealth

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%! Use the opportunity to check your health with 30% off only from 1/10/20 till 15/10/20. Book the doctors’ consultations at

    SMS Templates For Collecting Donations and Raising Funds

    Engage more people in helping you by emotional SMS. For better impact, insert the statistics with certain figures for people to understand the importance of the issue. Actually, it’s not recommended using the ready-made templates in this sphere. Every text message should be unique depending on the certain case. But still, here are some samples:

    • %Name_of_receiver%, will you receive a gift for the holiday? And %statistics% kids have a chance for this only due to donations. To present the joy to children go to

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%! %Name_of_a_person% is dying from %disease% and needs urgent help! Get more info and donate:

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%! %number% cats and dogs need to eat every day. Donate for the feed Every dollar matters!

    Real Estate Text Message Templates

    Sending SMS will help you to stand out from your competitors by keeping in touch with clients. Check out some SMS templates for business in the real estate sphere:

    • %Name_of_receiver%, you’ve liked %Name_of_object% on our website. Do you want to see it in real life? Contact me: %phone_number%

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%, are you still trying to sell the house? We will help you to do this faster! Call %phone_number%

    • Dear %Name_of_receiver%, to get the details on the objects in the preferred area, go to

    Religious SMS Templates

    Some people will say that this sphere doesn’t need advertising. But still, it is necessary to communicate with church members. They will appreciate it if they receive the reminders of some important events or other valuable information from the church. Here are some examples:

    • %Name_of_receiver%, we are waiting for you at Sunday sermon, 11/10/20, 10 AM

    • Dear %Name_of_receiver%, join the sermon online by watching the live stream at

    • %Name_of_receiver%, don’t stay alone on Christmas Eve! Join us at church at 7 PM

    Beauty Salon & Spa SMS Templates

    Here are some reminders, promotional, and feedback SMS templates for the beauty sphere:

    • %Name_of_receiver%, nail master Jessica is waiting for you tomorrow at 4:30 PM at BeautyClub

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%! Are you ready for summer? Make a great pedicure with 20% off. To sign up for the procedure go to

    • Dear %Name_of_receiver%! Thanks for using the solarium at BeautyHarbor. We will appreciate the feedback from you at

    Sample Texts for Restaurants

    There are plenty of catering establishments nowadays. And many people don’t dwell on one of them. So, to turn the one-time visitor into a regular one, it’s not enough only to have a varied menu with tasty dishes. It’s essential to keep in touch with the target audience and give them favorable offers. So, choose the bulk SMS website and use the template from the list of examples:

    • %Name_of_receiver%, visit %Name_of_restaurant% to try the new dish: %Name_of_it%

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%! Tasty lunches for “delicious” prices (from $10) are waiting for you!

    • Hi, %Name_of_receiver%, we haven’t seen you for a while! Come, show this SMS to the waiter, and get a drink for free when ordering any dish!

    Text Message Templates to Engage Customers in Retail

    If you don’t want the target audience to forget your brand send them the details on your sales, discounts, and other proposals. Here are some examples of how to write text messages for engaging customers:

    • %Name_of_receiver%, show this SMS to the consultant and get a -10% discount on any jacket you like

    • Hello, %Name_of_receiver%! Buy 2 pairs of footwear and get the 3rd one free! Only from 14/10/20 till 30/10/20

    • Hi, %Name_of_receiver%! The autumn sale has started! Hurry up to buy items with 70% off till 15/10/20.

    Education SMS Templates

    All educational institutions need to keep in touch with several groups of people: students, their parents, and tutors. Here are the examples of SMS sent to these different segments:

    • Dear %Name_of_receiver%, don’t forget about the literary competition that will be held on 30/10/20 at 3 PM in classroom 321. We’re looking forward to listening to your masterpiece!

    • Reminder for %Name_of_receiver%: staff meeting will take place at 2 PM on 24/10/20. All teachers must come!

    • Good evening, %Name_of_receiver%! Check out your son’s marks here:

    Text Messaging for Political Campaigns

    Keep your supporters interested during the whole campaign to stay closer to them and for not being displaced by the competitors. You can use any SMS sample from the list as the reference for your text message:

    • Dear %Name_of_receiver%, I will be happy to see you at the forum on the %Issue% held at %Place% on 12/10/20 from 10 AM till 2 PM. Come and share your ideas!

    • %Name_of_receiver%, don’t forget to vote tomorrow! Find the nearest pole in the list:

    • Thanks for the support, %Name_of_receiver%! Without you, my success would be impossible

    Use our ready-made templates for making the process of writing a text message easier. And sending will be fast and convenient with Atomic SMS Sender!