Transactional SMS

Nowadays transactional messaging is a significant tool that is helping businesses increase branding and customer engagement. Transactional SMS is quick, automated, non-promotional messaging, such as messages for ordering of confirmation, password reset, and bank balance request messages.

Transactional SMS messages are service messages that inform the customer about the order status, invoice, payment, delivery of goods, etc. Also used to send a confirmation code when registering / authorizing on a site or in an application.

IT helps people in various communication touchpoints with your brand. Using SMS, you can create a strong brand image.

Reasons Why Transactional Messaging is Beneficial

  1. Impressive coverage. Comparing to different types of marketing, transactional text messages can be sent to not disturb numbers. It is on the grounds that the beneficiary has basically started the discussion with the business. At the end of the day, they've "picked in" and can be reached with value-based messages as it were.

  2. Joining with behavior practices. Conditional SMS administration can be coordinated with programming or sites to be sent consequently to a client dependent on a conduct trigger. If a user is looking for some product and subscribes to the mailing from your site, then he is automatically interested in this or that product. You can use a registration form with email or with phone number. This way you enrich your database.

  3. Fast reach. Did you know that 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being sent? Such statistics are useful not only for large businesses, but also for customers who need timely important information, for example, a password reminder. Large shipping companies that need to contact their passengers - or pickers - about late arrivals, boarding gates and baggage changes are using transactional text messages to communicate in real time for better customer service.

  4. High openness. The open rate of SMS messages is 98%.This is not surprising as the survey showed that 70% of customers prefer to receive service messages on their mobile phone. This high open rate allows businesses to contact with customers without relying on marketing messages that can be unpleasant if sent too often.

  5. Trusted relationships with clients. Transactional SMS is designed to help consumers and make their lives easier. For instance, SMS with delivery notifications or discount alerts for favorite goods. Thus, the company takes care of its customers, building trusting and strong relationships.

Difference Between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS

Promotional text messages and transactional SMS are almost the same but have some differences. Let's analyze them together!

Transactional SMS is often used to build trust between the company and the consumer, rather than to increase sales. Moreover, they are sent automatically. They are used to confirm an order, some important reminder, event notification, booking, etc.

Transactional text messages consists of the information of clients need at that very moment.

Moreover, in most cases this type of SMS is sent automatically. To do this, you need to integrate a website or CRM system with a bulk SMS service.

Promotional SMS is used for sending sales messages. These messages must include CTA and their goal is to sell.

Transactional Promotional
The purpose is to notify the receiver about something important and to help him do some actions (e.g., to get registered) The aim is to sell the products
Consists of the information useful for the client (the code for registration or confirming some operations, etc). Contains the offer and the call to action
Usually are sent automatically The sending can be set up manually
Are sent as the response to some actions done by the people (for example, a person is getting registered on the website, and the code for this is sent) Are sent when an entrepreneur or marketer wants to attract the potential clients and motivate them to buy the products

How to Write a Transactional SMS

  • Write Clear messages

  • First, make sure your message is short, clear, and correct. Avoid using emoticons, excessive use of capital letters, abbreviations and incomplete sentences.

    You should give clear and correct information that customers need.

  • Get Right Timing
    If the client registers on your website, the confirmation code should be sent immediately. Otherwise, he/she gets tired of waiting and doesn’t finish the registration.

  • Keep it short
    SMS transactional messages should be short and include just info that clients need. For example, the status of purchase delivery or confirmation code. In these SMS promo codes, CTA or other promo elements are excess.

How to send a Transactional SMS

Let’s find out how to use a bulk transactional SMS service provider to send transactional SMS campaigns.

  1. Register in Bulk SMS service. Just fill in all the boxes.

  2. Create an SMS. For this, click the “Send SMS now” button. Then fill all the boxes in (SMS from, SMS text) and choose one of the address books you have imported into the service.

  3. Everything that’s left is to click “Send” and choose the needed date or choose “Immediately”. Click “Send” and an SMS campaign is launched.
    Just three steps and your clients’ loyalty will increase.

  4. Messages type for an effective Transactional SMS Campaign

    1. Request for password recovery. These SMSes are sent to site visitors who ask to change their password. They provide users with clear instructions on how to change their login passwords. They may contain a reset link and other information that is required to avoid unauthorized password change requests.

    2. Identity SMS. With the help of SMS sender you can allow access for a certain circle of people. Verification SMS is created for the client could confirm his identity when registering or logging into the system. A one-time verification code or a link to verify the account is sent to the user's mobile device. This information is confidential and only accessible to that one person. This way you can provide security for each user.

    3. Notifications of order shipping/delivery. This SMS is sent to inform the client about the order. Companies inform buyers about the purchase status and the date of the receipt of the goods. After confirming the order, information about its shipment and movement is transmitted directly to the client. Moreover, some brands provide the ability to track delivery directly in SMS or email.

    4. Order Confirmations. After a customer has bought a product or service, companies send an order confirmation email, provide shipping details and provide a tracking link. If the goods have been paid for, attach a receipt. These emails reassure the customer that the purchase was successful and give the company the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell.

    5. Proposal to switch to another tariff. This SMS motivates users to switch to a more expensive tariff plan. Marketers usually talk about value-added services that demonstrate all the benefits of the new package. Another common practice is to provide a time-limited discount. This is especially true when considering an annual rate plan.

    6. Time-Triggered Reminders. With such "reminders," your client will receive the necessary information about the upcoming discount, event, meeting, or any other action just in time. Thus, you will help to properly organize the planning of further participation, while remaining in shorthand with the client. Thus, you have the opportunity to automatically contact the buyer and notify him that stocks are low and require restocking. The received information in the form of SMS will remain on the phone, so the client will definitely not lose it.

    7. Real-Time Alert. In today's busy world, a person can easily miss a phone call, but the information received in the form of SMS will be accurately saved on the mobile device. Thus, text messages are opened at a convenient time for a person and at the same time remain at hand. When you change plans, you can immediately inform your consumers about the new plans, schedule or location of the event. This way you know your clients are informed.

    8. Opt-In Requests. The most striking example of this type is SMS with thanks for the subscription. In this case, the client is offered a significant discount or the promised bonus in the form of an additional product, and so on. They can also be used to congratulate the client on his birthday, providing him with holiday discounts. This will give you a loyal customer for life.

    9. Product Alerts. With product notifications, you can stay in constant touch with your customers. They will be notified of the stock status in the warehouse, planning the purchase in advance. Such messages will be sent automatically if you cooperate with enough large businesses, this will save your social resource and your consumers time. This way your client will come back to you again and again.

    Transactional SMS Examples

    1. Videoloka.This is an order confirmation SMS.

    2. Store. This is a time-triggered SMS to a client with a special offer.

    3. Restaurant. This is an opt-In request SMS that has some discount or gift after subscribing.

    4. Bank. This is a product-alert SMS. It has information about account bill changing levels.

    Transactional text messages are an integral part of building trusted relationships with clients and increasing their loyalty.

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