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Usually we are asked these questions about Atomic Email Verifier:

Why is Atomic Mail Verifier better than other email verifiers?
Atomic Mail Verifier is a unique program that checks email addresses for validity. Unlike other email verification software, our email verifier uses three levels of verification to ensure that you will never lose any valid email address.
How do I get started with Atomic Mail Verifier?
After you load your mailing list or paste in email addresses for validation, our bulk email verifier begins to verify the addresses. All addresses are checked in multithread mode to speed up the entire process.
What can I do in trial version?
The trial version of Atomic Mail Verifier allows solving whether the program is suitable for you. In the demo version, you can check the validity of 50 email addresses you haven't the ability to save results and can use the program for 7 days.
What is email syntax check?
The verifier marks invalid addresses such as, kate!@$aol,com, mark99)@(, etc.
What is email domain check?
Our email verifier software checks the availability of the domain: i. e., it marks valid addresses like or, and marks nonexistent domains as invalid.