Atomic Email Logger

Extract emails from Word, Excel, PDF, and other files on your hard drive

In our age of big data, contacts are a very valuable component in communication and the support of business and personal relationships. Furthermore, if they had been kept in a notebook, they are now on electronic media in local and global networks, phones and also on discs and in folders on PCs.

Many such emails are gathered, but usually they just get lost among all the other information, and to collect them in one file can sometimes be hard work, sorting through the materials, and, of course, spending a lot of precious time.

But why step on a rake, if you can go around it?

Atomic Email Logger program can easily collect contacts from any source on your hard drive. It even can be used as Skype email extractor.

If you previously had to download the software, and then to fool with the user’s selection, a list of text messages and a call list, now Atomic Email Logger will find and extracts emails from Skype in 2 minutes, scanning:

  • chat history;
  • received and sent files;
  • contact lists.

How to use Skype Email Extractor

  1. While running the program in the Search menu, choose the Start section.
  2. Click Skype history.

    skype email extractor
  3. Run the process of checking Skype storage for the presence of email.
  4. The utility identifies the email addresses and documents with contacts, displaying them in a window. 

    extract emails from skype

  5. After you finish, the program requests permission to delete duplicates and suspicious addresses. 

    get emails from skype

  6. The resulting list of email can be saved, moved to the clipboard or reformatted in .doc or .xls. and then you can use the contacts in your business campaigns or personal correspondence.
We are pleased to say something about the software offered by ATOMPARK. We have used several of the programs for quite some number of years. In all, it has been an excellent tool for our marketing support and hope to see only more new and improved features as we've experience just about each of all the years in which we've had a license to use your software.Thank you for the continued service and ongoing improvements that help to keep us ahead of the curve of electronic based communication in the 21st century.As always... Read more »
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