Tracking of mass mailing campaigns

Each sent email can be tracked using Atomic Email Tracker. This function can be added to any mail program, but the greatest effect of this service can be achieved when it is used together with Atomic Mail Sender.

This option can be easily integrated into Atomic Mail Sender. In order to track the message, you need to select the Insert / Tracking Code command. In the window that appears, enter the following information:

I want to track the email campaign ― check if you want to set up tracking of events about the mass mailing campaign.

Username: Your username on the server. Typically, this is the registration e-mail address.

Reporting Code: The unique identification number of the message to be used in the tracking system. When using the same ID number for several messages at once, Atomic Email Tracker understands this as sending the same message and tracks them together. Therefore, a different ID number must be used for each message.

How does the program work?

Atomic Email Tracker is an online service. It consists of two main parts: the client part and the analysis part.

The client part collects tracking information for sent messages. In fact, the client part is a small script stored on your server. Here all incoming tracking requests are processed and forwarded to our analytical server for processing information about sent messages.

Part of the analysis provides the user with a statistical report. So you can find out how many users received and read your message, who clicks on the links contained in your message, and which links are clicked on. Various types of reports are provided.

You can subscribe to this service here.