Updated Verifier checks email addresses using web script even when port 25 is blocked

Today we announce you а new version of email verification software - Atomic Mail Verifier 9.30 (download at our website).

What is the benefit?

Atomic Mail Verifier 9.30 has an implemented feature of checking email addresses using a web script.

Who needs this feature and when?

It is relevant to use the verification through web script in case when your ISP blocks the Port 25, and the program gets no access to it.

Read detailed instruction of how to check if the port 25 is blocked.

How does verification through web script work?

You download the web script file, paste it to your website and specify the file URL in the Verifier settings. That’s all! Your email verifier is ready to check the contact list using web script.


This feature provides you with a guaranteed check of email addresses even when your ISP blocks the port 25.

Download Atomic Mail Verifier 9.30

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