Atomic Email Hunter 8.10 - search for email addresses on site by keywords

A new version of Atomic Email Hunter 8.10 introduces a new Search type in addition to 2 usual search types: search on site and search by keywords.

Now Atomic Email Hunter provides you with an opportunity to search for email addresses on site by specified keywords simultaneously.

This means you can orient the search maximally by sorting the site information onto required information (the primary one - to search for email addresses in) and secondary information.

For example, you want to search for emails on classified ad website, extracting region or city related email addresses, not just all of the email addresses form the website. Atomic Email Hunter releases you from filtering the list of extracted email addresses manually. Just run the program and specify the search options:; Dallas. Where "" is the web-site address to make the search on, and "Dallas" is the keyword the program will pay attention to on searching. All the other information that is not keyword-related will be ignored.

As a result Atomic Email Hunter extracts email addresses of users who mentioned Dallas city in their ads. Use this option to extract emails from Facebook or other social webpages to get lists of target and relevant addresses. 

The Search for email addresses on site by keywords is available in "New Search" or "Advanced search" or in Advanced options pull-down panel from "More options…" menu.

Search process is actually the same as a standard search that is already familiar to you, and consists of several stages.

  1. Select "Search/New Search" menu item to start the Search for email addresses on site by keywords.
  2. Choose "Search email addresses on site by keywords" and enter the site address and specified keyword in the corresponding fields. This option helps to limit the search direction and improve both the speed of the search and the quality of extracted email addresses.

Look through the default Search engines and select those you need if it's necessary. Atomic Email Hunter will crawl chosen search engines for email addresses.

  1. Press "Ок" and the program will determine the information that matches the search criteria, and will search for addresses within keyword-related information only.

It is also possible to set the hunting depth level and hunting limitation on email search process with Advanced search or Advanced options pull-down panel from "More options…" menu.

Atomic Email Hunter makes the email address search more purposeful, so you can create your own targeted mailing lists for your email campaigns.

Learn more about Atomic Email Hunter  at our website and evaluate its new features.

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