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Atomic Verifier Online Screenshots

verifier_control_panelStart working with Atomic Verifier Online from a welcome page.

The service’s main menu is placed to the right and contains dropdown tabs.

This welcome page encourages you to create a new tast of  email addresses verification.




verifier_list-loadingLoad a lists of email addresses you want to verify.

You can import mailing lists from local files or create a list manuallly by pasting mailing list from a clipboard file.

Atomic Verifier Online checks as many email addresses as you load within minutes. You can save verified contacts into a file and use the list for sending mass email campaigns.






verifer_resultAfter email addresses verification you will get a chart with checking results.

This chart contains verification statuses with the percentage of email addresses which go under the specified status.

You can export verification results into a local file and get a report on the task the service processed.




verifier_tasksAll tasks you have ever created in your Verifier Online account are available in the “Tasks” tab.

Look through completed tasks and choose the actions in case you want to re-start email addresses verification on remove one of the tasks.






verifier_billingIn the “Biiling” menu tab you can buy, extend or cancel payments for Atomic Verifier Online service.

Pay attention, that if you use a trial service account, there are some limitations on the number of verifications and the amount of email addresses in the mailing list.


Best online program ever! We used desktop solutions in the past but the online has no restrictions on where we can check our lists! Read more »
Ed N.
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