The List of Email Addresses Sources and Tools to Collect Them Out

One of the keys to the successful business is contacts: the more people know about you, the more profit you get. It may be the list of social profiles, telephone numbers, or email addresses. The last one variant – email database, is one of the most powerful nowadays. The reason why – is in the high effectiveness and low cost of the email marketing campaigns. The only problem is where and how to find the address you need.

Of course you can buy it, but why should you pay more for the doubtful chance to get “right” emails, when you can do it much effectively and cheaper by yourself?

So, here is the list of “places” to find email contacts and software for its automatic search.

Atomic Email Hunter Atomic Email Hunter v.15.20
Atomic Email Hunter v.15.20

Collect Targeted Mailing Lists in 5 minutes

  • Collects relevant emails with names
  • Finds emails by keywords or target audience
  • Filters the search for email addresses flexibly
  • Collects all emails from your mail account
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I. Web-Sources Email Collector Tool

Source: the Internet

Tool: Atomic Email Extractor

There is multiple choice of web-sources to get the contacts of your target audience, most popular ones:

  • thematic forums,

  • social networks,

  • blogs,

  • brand landings,

  • portfolios,

  • catalogs, etc.

If you are not a fan of manual search, during a few minutes Atomic Email Hunter will automatically collect for you a list of an email address from any websites you are interested in. The program has many features that may help you to regulate search process to get the most relevant data:

  • keyword search – if you don’t have a list of websites;

  • country identification – to collect emails of people living in certain area;

  • Twitter and Facebook plugins for collecting emails on social networks;

  • Mailbox Plugin – to extract email addresses mentioned in the bodies of the emails of your email account; etc.

How does it help? Let’s say you’ve added new products to your website and would like to notify your audience about the changes. You can gather email addresses from your forum and send out the news about an update.

But what about attracting new visitors? You can do this with Atomic Email Hunter too. Let’s say you create 3D games. All you have to do is to enter “3D Games” in Google and see what websites are popular with 3D gamers. You can then gather e-mails of people who left their messages in the guestbook and send them a message with screenshots of your new game. Simple, isn’t it? And with Email Hunter it is done automatically almost instantly.

Remember, to get maximum effect from the app you should know your target audience. What’s the use of people who are not interested in your services/product?

II. The Collector of Email Addresses in the Files Stored on PC

Source: files on user computer

Tool: Atomic Email Logger

Yes. the Internet is not the only way to get necessary contacts. Your computer may be a great source to collect email addresses. Surprised? Don’t be.

For example, real-life situation: I have a friend who runs his own gaming website. He is totally crazy about games, keeps upgrading his computer about once a month, and has over 200 games installed on his machine. He started a small game reviews website as a hobby but the website kept growing more and more popular, so he decided to turn his hobby into the business.

The only way to make money off a gaming website is to sell games or ad space. So, he needed to contact game manufacturers first. It took him about three days to look through every game he had installed to find an appropriate email address. He could have done it in minutes if he had Atomic Email Logger.

How does it help? The program is designed to gather emails from your files. It can do it with virtually any type of file – text, HTML, graphics, even executable files! Atomic Email Logger can be useful as for office managers, HR and marketing departments, editors, journalists, as for other professionals.

“He who seeks always finds”. Every day we try to make AtomPark Software products better for unlimited contacts search which user needs.


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