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What is email verification and how to check if an email is valid?

  1.   How does email verification work?

  2.   Why do we need email verification?

  3.   Address syntax and format checking

  4.   Domain and server verification

  5.   How to tell if an email address is valid

  6.   Email Verification Message Examples

  7.   How to verify emails and how much is this going to cost?

Do you know how to find out if email is valid? Well, you should because it’s important. Advertising via email today is one of the most affordable and effective methods of influencing. It helps to raise the activity of potential customers and form behavioral standards. However, the strategy can only be so much successful if you’re targeting valid recipients.

That way, it’s easy to create a truly relevant contact base for unlimited emailing without first checking it for existence. But how do you check email validity? And what is email verification to begin with? Keep reading and learn how to check validity of an email address in this elaborate guide.

Email Verification Explained

Email verification procedure allows streamlining mailing and increasing conversion. Service makes it possible to “clean up” the database. So you reduce losses for sending messages that are guaranteed will not to be delivered to the followers because of invalid email address.

Email validation is the process of verifying email addresses for existence and authenticity.

It is needed for companies that send bulk letters and actively use marketing for promotion. Read this article to discover how to check if email address is valid and how to deal with email deliverability.

How does email verification work?

The process of testing valid email address is made possible by an advanced email verification system that scans for syntax regularity. The system often leverages artificial intelligence alongside complex algorithms and multi-layer testing to flag down invalid email addresses in real time. All emails that run through the system are categorized under a scoring system and various diagnostic codes. Any email that doesn’t meet the threshold of a valid address is then isolated for auto-review, where the software can correct syntax errors or your team can remove them completely from the list. 

Moreover, checking validity of emails using a sophisticated tool will also reveal to you whether some addresses are active, only that they have not been in use for a while. For instance, you can validate email online to check the addresses list for existence. The service checks them in three steps.

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Validate email online to check the addresses list for existence. The service checks them in three steps.

Why do we need email verification?

After a lead generation, verification of email addresses is the most crucial element of email marketing and e-sales. That is why it is very risky to neglect this procedure. Good contacts will definitely be able to accept your emails so that the inbox placement rate of your mailings will remain safe & stable.

If you do not regularly check whether the mail from your contact base exists, the bounce rate for your mailings will drastically increase and exceed the acceptable level ten times after a year. As a result, your reputation on postal services will be severely damaged.

Address syntax and format checking

The email marketing software checks:

  • Errors before and after the @ symbol. The first part of the address is called local, the second 一 domain:, For example, a user can skip a letter in a domain name: “.co” to “.com”. As a result, invalid address in the list.
  • Duplicated emails. It may happen for various reasons. First of all, the human factor:
    – you added contacts manually;
    – you have combined several bases into one;
    – while filling in contact details, you created a new one instead of choosing an existing client card;
    – two managers collaborated with the client, both entered the data.
    – the user subscribed to the newsletter again, made a mistake in the name and used the same email.
  • Spam traps. These are the addresses used by postal services to check for unscrupulous senders. Because of such a contact in your address book, you can get blocked by the mailing service. The validator program checks the mailing list subscribers of known spam traps and shows the matches.
  • Service addresses, or role-based addresses. How to check if the email address is valid on that occasion? This is the mail that is assigned to a group or department in a company. For example, admin@, support@, hello@. A large number of complaints and unsubscriptions come from these addresses.
  • Disposable emails 一 addresses for temporary using that do not require registration. People use them in order not to receive mailing from companies and not to give access to the main ones. The validator finds such mail and offers to delete it from the contact database, so it increases email deliverability.

Domain and server verification

Mail eXchanger (MX) is a DNS record that points to a mail server. How does email verification work? A domain without this record will not accept emails. The validator checks the address for the presence of an MX record and its correctness.

Confirmation of mailbox activity

Using SMTP communication or mail transfer protocol, the validator sends a request and checks whether the contact is active or inactive.

How to tell if an email address is valid

Perhaps the most straightforward way how to check if an email is valid is to simply send an email to it. However, there is a more professional and optimized way to do that in bulk rather than just verify the validity of email addresses by sending tests email which is problematic and time-consuming for huge contact lists processing.
Email Verifier is an online email verification tool where you may check if email addresses are valid in a few seconds. No limits. You may upload the contact list you have or gather it first and then check the validity of the contacts.

Methods to Check If an Email Address is Valid 

As a business owners, you would want to verify if an email address is valid before rolling out marketing campaigns to increase the conversion rates. Here is how to test of email address is valid using three methods: 

1st Method: Send a Test Email 

Sending a test email to an address can also help you determine whether it’s valid. However, using this method while you have hundreds of emails to check will hurt your sender reputation and probably get you added to the spam list. 

2nd Method: Ping the Server 

Another way of determining whether you’re dealing with a valid email address is by pinging the mail server to inquire about its validity. However, this method is cumbersome and might require you to use other third-party tools, which may add vulnerability to your infrastructure. 

3rd Method: Use an Email Validation Tool

Alternatively, you can leverage an email verifier tool to determine whether the email addresses on your list are valid in a few clicks. While these tools come in different packages and paid plans, the bottom line is most of then are easy to use. 

How to Choose an Email Validation Tool for Your Business 

There are endless tools in the market that can help you find out if email address is valid. But how do you choose the right option that saves you time and money? Here are some considerations to have in mind: 

The size of your email list: consider the size of your email list to choose a system with the right handling capacity. 

Budget: choose a system that fits your budget and doesn’t come with hidden costs to give you the value of your money. 

Features and capabilities: email verifier tools are built differently; watch out for the one that gives you advanced features and capabilities. 

Integration with other tools: consider whether the system can seamlessly integrate with your other business tools, such as marketing software for improved workflows. 

Support and guidance: choose a system that comes with complimentary technical service and support to help you get the most out of your paid plan. 

Real-time verification: This functionality means you can verify email addresses as they enter the system instead of waiting for the whole batch. 

Email Verification Message Examples

Here you may also create or find great email verification message examples and best practices. Or use simple scenarios. They may be as follows:

  • Confirm your email address.
  • Please verify your email for [company]
  • Verify your email address for [customer portal’s name]
  • Welcome to [customer portal], please verify your email address.
  • [name], please verify your account.
  • [company] – account verification, etc.

Generally, you will be able to find all you need about email verification, or in other words, email validation or email authentication, which is an essential process of verifying an email address through a collection of data for effective mailing campaigns.

How to verify emails and how much is this going to cost?

Try Atomic Verifier Online 一 a service for email verification. It helps to deal with email validation process easy and quickly.

You can try the demo version and get 100 free checks.

Here are the main service’s features that will reveal how to know if email is valid:

  • Monitoring: syntax, domain relevance, server response analysis, disposable addresses.
  • Allows you to check an unlimited number of contacts bases.
  • It is possible to integrate the service and check the email address on your platform.

Make your bulk emailing easy and smart! And we will help you 一 read other our articles to know more about digital marketing.


Cleaning your email list is crucial if you’re going to avoid getting flagged by email service providers (ESPs) or internet service providers (ISPs). This also improves your sender score to enhance conversions. While there are many methods of testing valid email address, using an advanced email verifier often yields the best results. Make your bulk emailing easy and smart! And we will help you—download the email verifier tool today and begin your 7-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can I check if an email is valid for free? 

You can test if an email is valid for free by sending a test email to the address. You can also ping the server to inquire about the address’s validity. However, you can also use a paid tool that comes with a free plan before upgrading to other options. 

What happens if my email sender score goes down? 

A lower sender score means you’ll find it harder to get your marketing emails to the recipients’ inboxes. It is believed that 83% of the time when emails are not delivered to the intended target it’s due to poor sender score or reputation. 

Which factors affect the deliverability of my emails into a recipient’s inbox? 

Besides your the reputation or level of your sender score, other factors that determine whether your marketing email will reach the recipient’s inbox include the content of the message, the underlying email infrastructure, as well as the customer’s personal filtering preferences. 

How to build a successful email marketing campaign using a verifier tool?

A verifier tool will only help you check email validity and improve deliverability. There are other factors that can determine the success of your email strategy, including the value that the email adds to the recipient and whether potential customers that you’re targeting trust your business. 

What happens if I send emails to invalid addresses? 

Sending business or marketing emails to invalid addresses will result in a hard bounce every time, telling you the email is not delivered. Making it a habit will eventually get the attention of internet or email service providers and likely hurt your sender reputation.

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