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Alpha Name – Alphanumeric Sender ID for bulk SMS

Brand awareness carries many factors, and one of them is Sender Name. Customers get closer to the brand when they receive SMS from a specific company, rather than from an abstract community.

We will tell you how to send SMS with a substitution of a number to a unique alpha name and how to change SMS sender ID on Androids and iPhones. Read the article and find out what it is, what it is used for, how to create and register an individual text message sender ID.

What is an Alpha name or SMS sender ID?

The alpha code name or sender ID is the text that the recipients of the SMS distribution see in the «Sender» field.

What is an Alpha Name for?

  • To increase awareness. The recipient of the alpha message (the SMS with the unique sender ID) will have a direct association with the name of your company as the sender thanks to alpha code names.

  • For customer confidence in safety. Since many online resources use SMS messages to confirm login, the alpha name proves the authenticity of messages and increases customer confidence.

  • To increase your chances of reading. Since sending bulk SMS with an ordinary phone number is prohibited, something like «Advertisement» or «Info» may appear in the sender field. If you include your business name here as the message tag, chances of reading your SMS will increase.

Types of SMS Sender ID

There are different types of alpha names, here are the main ones:

  • Alpha name — consists exclusively of letters.

  • Numeric name — consists exclusively of numbers.

  • Alphanumeric sender ID — contains both letters and numbers.

If you want to use an alpha name in your bulk text message, you must take care of this before launching an SMS campaign.

How to use Alpha Name: Compilation Rules

Sending SMS with an alpha name is available after registering it with the operator. Follow these to approve your easy SMS sender ID:

  • SMS sender ID must be up to 11 characters long.

  • The alpha name must only consist of Latin letters.

  • The alphanumeric sender ID may contain numbers.

  • The alpha name must match or be consonant with the registered name of your brand or company. It cannot be a random collection of numbers or letters.

  • You cannot use characters such as! {} () /% # etc.

  • Alfa-name in SMS message in phone number format is not accepted.

  • The alpha message should not contain words related to profanity.

  • General words are not allowed, for example, «Bank», «Shop», etc., you need a specific name. An exception if you registered trademark name is a generic word.

  • The SMS sender ID cannot be a male or female name. Unless it is actually the registered name of your company.

The following names are also not suitable:

  • The names of mobile operators and their derivatives.

  • Names of other well-known companies and brands other than yours (you cannot send messages on behalf of someone else).

Follow these guidelines and your alpha name will be approved quickly by the operator.

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