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How Media Companies Use Mass Texting

SMS marketing news services have become increasingly popular in various industries around the world. We’re firm believers that SMS marketing is an effective and easy-to-use message marketing service for anyone. Not sure if it’s for you? Not sure what Mass Text Messaging is? Let us guide you through the journey of mass text messaging and how it can start benefiting the media business today.

In the field of marketing, the advertising sector has a distinct role in that the media is extremely important to all age groups. Although various groups receive digital channels, in the modern environment, imbibing media at all is barely avoidable. Text advertising is increasingly relevant across industries, and particularly in the media sector, where more and more businesses compete for as large a variety of customers as imaginable. Nobody knows how the nature of text marketing will be influenced by media companies in the future.

A successful strategy with using text messaging to increase the number of customers is to attract readers by using it. Mostly in small chat screens of some television shows display under or on the side of the broadcast is an example of this technique appearing, allowing viewers to write comments, issues or requests on social media, keep giving them by texting to a particular number. This form of campaign enhances the engagement of the current audience, offering a more enjoyable experience for present customers and eventually enabling them to attract potential customers.

The analogous systems are used by some audio media companies. Some radio shows or stations, for instance, invite listeners via text message to send song requests, suggestions, or answers to questions. Contests that can be entered via SMS are also operated by some radio hosts. These services work to engage customers more efficiently, providing them with a better experience, both because of their participation in the show and because of the ease provided via the use of text messaging.

Key Benefits of SMS Marketing for Media Companies

Messaging media are popping up every day that post cool content. But an interesting article or news will not find the reader on its own. They need to be sown through distribution channels.

Online media get a lot of traffic from search, but this channel is not always reliable. Even if you make a perfect SEO article, it is not a fact that it will appear at the top of search results.

For online media, bulk SMS performs three roles at once:

  • Content distribution method.

  • Point of contact with subscribers.

  • The ability to create a core of regular readers.

SMS media message can help you:

To deliver content that is of interest to a specific reader. Some magazines can write content for different countries with different languages.

To show the reader his exclusivity. One of the main needs is when consuming content is to feel cool. SMS can cover this need if the information that the subscriber receives is not on social networks or on the website.

To create a “tribe” – a core of readers who are united by an interest in your media. The SMS is a channel for communicating the values ​​of the media around which a “tribe” of readers is built. This “tribe” is the basis of support for crowd texting or the subscription model of the publication.

To reach readers who missed content on other platforms. You can simply post a link to your new SMS. Or you can publish a link on a Facebook page, launch targeted advertising, and link to the material in the weekly SMS. So it will turn out to reach users to whom the algorithms of the social network did not show your article.

To keep the reader informed. The Cambridge Online Dictionary contains the word FOMO (fear of missing out) – a constant fear of missing something interesting and important that is happening right now. The SMS from the media partially covers this need: the user knows that he will receive an SMS at a certain time and will not miss important materials. He is at the forefront of the news agenda.

How to Start Media Text Messaging Step by Step

Determine who will read the news. Knowing the reader, we can offer the most relevant message. And when you build a large database, you can segment your audience and talk to different groups of people about what matters to them.

The following factors influence who your readers will be:

  • Geography of media: materials in the context of a region or country.

  • Edition vector: news, politics, culture, medicine.

  • Needs that the media covers: to be aware of everything, to feel cool, to develop in the profession, to feel useful to society, to fight injustice.

  • Existing media readers.

  • The platforms your media is usually read from.

Once you’ve figured out who will be reading the messages, think about what it will consist of. Good SMS marketing communicates the value of the media to the consumer. Messages can perform one or more tasks. For example, personal stories of media employees will bring the publication and readers closer together, and a weekly digest of articles will increase the coverage of materials on the site.

Select an SMS marketing service An SMS marketing service is a platform from which the media will send messages. Such services have built-in useful tools for working with messages: block builder, access to statistics, and SMS automation.

Working with AtomPark you should do next steps:

  • create your own account;

  • fill the contacts information or upload the client’s database (also you can use Lead Extractor for comfortable gathering of contacts);

  • write an example of your texting SMS (you can use template for bulk SMS);

  • create the schedule of sending for timely receiving the information;

  • try first 10 messages for free (you don’t even need to provide credit card details for the test period);

  • enjoy the result!

AtomPark is useful and comfortable. Firstly you can try for free week and then you can sign up a deal.

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