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How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Engage‌ ‌Your‌ Restaurant’s‌ ‌Customers‌ ‌with‌ ‌Bulk‌ ‌SMS

Bulk messaging has become a great solution for many businesses. In today’s world with a lot of different gastronomic offerings, it is quite difficult to keep your position among competitors. A huge advantage of SMS is the instant transfer of information. Be always in touch with your customers, congratulate valuable clients and significant visitors, advertise your theme nights and get big profits.

SMS marketing has become a good solution for the development of advertising for restaurants, cafes and bars. 81% of consumers prefer to look for a place to eat or eat thanks to their smartphones.

This is how people decide with whom they have lunch today, what to have for lunch and where to have lunch.

Owners of various establishments have already used channels to distribute information about their establishment, including text message marketing for restaurants.

Promotional message for restaurant is accurate, fast and easy. All you have to do is to offer the consumer a bargain, some kind of discount, or an extra meal / drink that will help you strengthen your bond with your customer.

Benefits of an SMS campaign for restaurants, bars or cafes

Speaking about the restaurant business, the first thing that comes to mind is attracting new visitors and the ability to retain existing customers. The surest way to attract a client is a direct connection with him, and of course – a service.

Excellent ROI, user-friendliness, low cost, and most importantly, efficiency. All these indicators are about correct and well-structured SMS marketing.

A lot of clients can be interested thanks to a regular SMS, with concise and accessible information, sent at the right time.

With well-crafted and well-written text messages, you can save most of your hard-earned money, which you usually spend on advertising.

Let’s look at ideas to promote restaurant business:

  • SMS alerts based on events. Customize for your holidays and events the distribution of messages with convenient service from AtomPark. Messages will arrive in a timely manner, reminding your audience of the upcoming event, so they don’t miss it.
  • Immediate response. When a person is hungry, he does not think much about a long selection of a restaurant, cafe or diner. Due to the rapid development of the restaurant business and the multitude of choices provided, a person loses information about your institution. A timely message received by the client will help remind of you and increase the sales.
  • Good Investment Return (ROI). Combine witty texts with tempting low-price offers. At the appropriate moment, give them and you can get a much better ROI rather than you expect.
  • Economic benefit. Distribution of various leaflets, flyers and gluing posters will cost a tidy sum, while SMS sending will cost literally a few cents and will bring more benefits. It can reduce the number of unshown advertising information, bringing you more visitors.
  • Loyal customer base and royalty increases. The loyalty program for frequent visitors will help not only increase income, but also capture a larger audience, and, accordingly, new regular customers who will return to you again and again. Just send to your customers good deals and hot discounts to make them stay with you forever.
  • Excellent compatibility. For many businesses, interaction and direct marketing directly via SMS is the best idea. This is especially a good strategy for restaurants to stay in touch with the consumer. With the help of mobile marketing, you strengthen the relationship with the customer, as well as bring the word of mouth effect to life.
  • Large coverage. Considering the average percentage of messages opened by users (about 98%), the information goes straight to the bull’s-eye, remaining at hand. Thus, the transfer of information via SMS is significantly superior to other methods of advertising distribution.

SMS Campaign for Restaurants: 5 Boosting Ideas

And now we will clearly show the options for using SMS sending for the restaurant business.

  1.      Promotion of events

    Having a convenient service at your fingertips opens up many new possibilities, for example, notification of an upcoming event or other action. Each of your consumers will be notified about the upcoming celebration and you will be able to share this pleasant time with them. Isn’t this the best advertisement for restaurants.

  2.      Recognizability

    If you thought that your popularity was overtaking you, then you were very wrong. The restaurant texting system works another way.

    You just have to always add your brand name in the sender’s name field and even indicate a link to your own website, so that the consumer understands exactly from whom he received such a favorable offer.

  3.      Staff communication

    Also, using bulk SMS, you can build a schedule for your subordinates and keep you informed about all events within the company. Any last minute changes will not pass by your staff, and the firm will not be disrupted by sudden planning and outside influence.

  4.      Raising new customers thanks to a special offer

    You can use SMS marketing to organize an exclusive SMS campaign, offering special deals: lunchtime discounts, 1 + 1 meals, student discounts, discounts for some holidays, top seasonal dishes, coupons and vouchers, an additional meal offer with an order condition from some scrip, etc. So, promoting the right offer to the right audience will earn you more than a dollar.

  5.      Introduction of new dishes and menu

    In the development of any restaurant, variety for every taste is always important. Changing the content of your menu, you can notify your customers about the new season or a complete update of the restaurant menu.

    Leave the customers the same opportunity to send text to order food in response to your message. We have specially created a message ordering system that will simplify the process itself and embody your most daring menu promotion ideas.

  6.      Questionnaires in SMS

    You can perfectly understand your customers’ tastes and increase their involvement in your restaurant business by creating simple questionnaires with simple questions. Clients understand that their opinion is important to you, you build relationships with them, taking into account their preferences, and will come to you more than once.

The most interesting text examples for restaurants

A well-created mass messaging marketing strategy will help not only increase the number of ways to get more customers in the restaurant or any other gastronomic establishment (cafe, bar, diner), but also strengthen the relationship with existing clients. As a rule, people do not go to the restaurant alone, but call someone with them in order to share a pleasant moment. And then your advertising campaign will also play on the principle of “word of mouth”. Let’s take a look at some examples of text deals for restaurants!

  1.      Restaurant text coupons

  2.      Only for Students

  3.      Weekly Specials

  4.      Limited-Time Discounts

  5.      Restaurant Questionnaire

  6.      Sweepstakes

  7.      Events

Step-by-Step Restaurant SMS Promotion Campaign Start

The most important thing to start with is to find a convenient and easy-to-use bulk SMS messaging platform, where you will find the tools and services you need to promote your company and its successful marketing. And then, on an accrual basis, so that you have the opportunity to connect additional services and services.

The most important thing to start with is to find a convenient and easy-to-use bulk SMS messaging platform, where you will find the tools and services you need to promote your company and its successful marketing. And then, on an accrual basis, so that you have the opportunity to connect additional services and services.

You can join AtomPark for free, and like all of AtomPark, you can change your plan at any time.

The next important step is to download the contact base. Perhaps you already have a previously assembled client base, then you should only load it into the application.

If you do not have such a database, but there is where to collect it, then you will really need the convenient phone Extractor service. It collects contact information from web pages. Data such as phone number, mail, name, and so on.

And only then you write an example of the text message or choose a ready-made template. Set up a convenient SMS schedule for you and your customers and enjoy life.

Stay with AtomPark Software!

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