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The Best Ways to Use SMS in Real Estate

Real estate is the sphere of high competition. So, you should do your best to stand out from the plenty of other agencies. And the best way to do this is to organize the uninterrupted communication with the target audience and provide marketing campaigns. But what about the way of reaching people? The most optimal is using SMS, and now we will explain why:

  • It is preferable for the target audience. 62% of the people who have bought houses claimed that they would like to receive mobile messages from real estate agencies. Such statistics are a result of the survey of the National Association of Realtors held in 2017.
  • When you send SMS you can be almost completely sure that the information you’ve written will be read. As text messages have a very high open rate. It is 98% in 2020, according to the SMS Comparison statistics. This is the highest result of all the channels of communication.
  • Text messages are really cost-effective. They are not expensive and have an extremely high open rate. So, SMS campaigns bring great results if being held in the right way.

So, today we will tell you how to send mobile messages properly. Read further, and you will get some useful tips and SMS templates for real estate.

Tips for Messaging Etiquette

If you want to succeed in SMS marketing take into account some tips:

  • Use personalization. It’s not only polite but also helps to increase the effectiveness of an SMS campaign. So, if you collect numbers with the help of the form on the website add the name field and make it compulsory to fill in. Also, you can use our mobile number extractor that extracts phone numbers and names of subscribers.
  • Create strong, but short SMS text. SMS content for real estate should be laconic and clear. Note that the character limit is 160 symbols. So, describe everything in short. But still, there should be enough details for a person to understand your offer and become interested in it. Take into account that these 160 symbols are to include your contacts and the unsubscribe link. So, the main text should be shorter to leave the space for these elements. Also, don’t put the full links. Shorten them with the help of specialized services.
  • Add call to action. Without it, you won’t get the needed response.
  • Automate real estate ads. Send promo messages to the target audience once in a certain period of time automatically. It will help you not to be forgotten by the potential clients.
  • Give the opportunity to unsubscribe. If you bother people who are no longer interested, it won’t give you any profit. Vice versa, it will have a negative impact on your reputation. So, put an unsubscribe link into your SMS. Or set up the process of unsubscribing with the help of texting the keyword like “STOP”.

These are some theoretical pieces of advice. And now we will give you practical SMS examples for real estate marketing.

Real Estate SMS Samples

Here are the causes for sending and the texts that you can use as the basis of your messages:

  • Send cold messages to the target audience. Many people that are interested in selling their property or purchasing it need help. So, to spread the word about your agency send promo messages to the target audience offering them your help.

    Hello, %Name%! Still selling your house at %Address%? We can help you to make it faster! Book the meeting with an agent:

    This is a good promotional sample SMS for real estate. It contains the offer that can solve the problem of the receiver and the particular call to action.

  • Set up service messages. They are to be sent as a confirmation to the people who sign up on your website or book some services.

    %Name%, use this code 111111 to confirm the registration on the website

    This is a typical sample of a service SMS with the code for confirming registration. It is short and doesn’t contain any extra information.

  • Keep in touch with warm leads. Reach the people who have registered on your website with promo SMS. It will help you to create stronger relations with the target audience.

    Hello, %Name%! Thanks for checking our website. Book a meeting with an agent to find out more about objects satisfying your requirements: %phone_number%

    This is a good example of an SMS blast for real estate. It helps to make the people interested in your services closer to the purchase.

  • Help the clients to make up their minds. If you are interested in boosting sales, offer clients many variants that meet their requirements.

    %Name%, you visited the open house at %address%. Check some more 2 bedroom houses:

    This is a great message with a personal proposal to look at variants similar to the one that a person likes.

  • Send reminders. Help the clients not to forget about the important occasions: meeting with an agent, open house, etc.

    Hello, %Name%! Please, don’t forget that we are showing your house tomorrow at 4 PM

    This SMS reminds an owner of the object for sale that potential purchasers will come to see the house. This will help in case a person has forgotten about it. The best time to send a reminder is the day before the event.

As you’ve already got the SMS campaign ideas for real estate, it’s time to move to practice. Atomic SMS Sender will help you with this. So, let’s overview how to start sending text messages with the help of this service.

How to Set Up SMS Marketing for Real Estate Using Atompark

There are five easy steps. Here is the detailed instruction:

  • Get registered in bulk SMS service. For this, click “Sign up free”:

    Fill in all fields. Enter your name, email (it should be active and you should have access to it), phone number, and think of the password. If you don’t mind getting some new facts on SMS marketing and the news about AtomPark functioning, put a tick in the “I want to receive useful information on my email” box:

    Once you have created the account, sign in to the AtomPark Member Area using your email and password and go to the “SMS Sender” tab:

  • Register your Sender ID. Pro texting for real estate is about recognizable SMS. So, if you want the receivers to see your brand’s name in the “SMS from” field, but not the random numbers, take this procedure. The Sender ID should coincide with the registered name of your brand. It can contain only Latin letters without spaces and special symbols. Registering Sender ID is free. For this, click “Sender IDs” on the tab in the left part of the screen.

    Then click “Add”:

    Choose the country you live in, fill out the form, and click “Add”:

    The application will be approved within 2 working days.

  • Add the address book. You can upload as many contact bases as you need. Click “Address books” on the panel in the left part of the screen:

    Click “Add new address book”:

    Enter its name (this is compulsory) and description (this is optional, do this only if you need). Then click “Create”:

    Choose the appropriate variant of phone numbers uploading (by one, from a file, or from clipboard), and add the contacts.

  • Create SMS templates. If you send many SMSes of different kinds, you can add the templates for them in advance. Click “My templates” on the panel on your left:

    Choose “Create a new template”:

    Enter the template name and the SMS text. For personalized information use special tags like %Name%. Once you’re done, click “Create”. Now the templates will be available for usage:

  • Launch your SMS campaign. Choose “Send SMS now” on the tab in the left part of the screen:

    Fill in the fields. Enter the Sender ID to “SMS from”, write down SMS text, insert unsubscribe link if it’s needed, choose the address book from the ones you have uploaded, and click “Send”:

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Take into account the tips, feel free to use the samples as the basis of your texts. And Atomic SMS Sender will send the messages quickly and cheaply!

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