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SMS Marketing for Auto Industry and Dealerships

The Relevance of SMS Marketing in the Automotive Industry

Today, the promotion of any business is not complete without digital technologies and the use of smartphones. The indisputable advantage of text messages is fast delivery to the client, regardless of his phone model. Yes, digital technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds. And yet, not all people have constant access to Internet messengers.

Are there such clients among your target audience?

Do you have a need to send the client additional information besides advertising?

Have you thought about automating the sending of messages so that SMS will be sent to subscribers while you, for example, are on vacation? And upon arrival, so that you will receive full statistics of the SMS campaign.

Then we can tell you about bulk SMS senders and how to use it profitably. Let’s start!

How the Automotive Industry Can Leverage SMS Marketing

Buying a car is comparable to buying a property. This is far from an emotional choice. A practical view and a thorough assessment of the available offers on the market are important. Once a successful purchase has been made in your salon, the Client, most likely, will contact you again. Car service offers seasonal discounts for models of the current year and previous years, trade-in, lending. You can inform your Clients about all this and much more via SMS Service for Auto Industry.

SMS Marketing benefits

The main fears launching an SMS campaign:

  • The first fear of SMS promotion is “What if clients don’t want me to leave their phone numbers and everything fails before it starts?”

In this situation you should understand that the client is the same person as you. Think about what condition you would agree to leave your phone number to any company? A win-win option is to offer in exchange for personal data some kind of “bun”, the value, having received which, the client will become a little happier. Create an association for him between your product and the goal he wants to achieve. Help him get one step closer to his dream – win the client’s trust.

  • The second fear is “I don’t know what to write in SMS messages. Should I hire a trained marketer now?

In this case, you need to determine the tasks that SMS marketing will solve, and its main goal. This can be a mass advertisement for a new product or a discount announcement, a message about the status of an ordered product or confirmation of registration, etc. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down the result. Thinking over the text, remember the tasks. If there are several of them, then there should be several SMS message chains as well. As for the text itself. I’ll tell you a secret, some services already have a number of ready-made SMS templates that can be used as intended by personalizing information.

You must follow these rules when writing SMS:

  • Write, preferably, without abbreviations;
  • Language understandable to your audience;
  • As clear and precise as possible.
  • The next fear is “Bulk SMS messaging is expensive.”

The answer for this fear is you should look at your competitors. Are they already using SMS marketing? Do you think they are working at a loss? Do not be afraid to spend a little time studying the offers from various SMS services. We are sure you will find the best option for yourself. In addition, the benefits and payback of SMS messaging have been proven by many studies. And one more thing: how often, after receiving an SMS about discounts in your favorite store, do you go shopping with them?

Launching an SMS campaign

Benefits of bulk SMS for Automobile Industry:

  • It is in your power to “get closer” to the client as much as possible, using maximized personal information (name, birthday, registration date, order number, product preferences, city of residence, profession, etc.)
  • You can create a complete portrait of the recipient for yourself.
  • Bulk SMS software an inexpensive way to inform a client about an upcoming promotion or a new model in your car dealership, as well as about favorable credit conditions.
  • SMS-notification will be useful both for old customers who are probably already going to replace their car, and for new ones who are just planning to purchase it.
  • Correct customer segmentation will help to double sales using the SMS Marketing for Car Dealership.
  • Fast delivery to the client, regardless of his phone model.

Examples Of Bulk Sms For Car Dealerships

  • “Grew out of an old car? Then the TRADE-IN service is for you! Exchange your old car for a new one at the “XXX” showroom.”
  • “Happy autumn to you! Your unique code for obtaining privileges in the our center is XXXX.Details: https: // …”
  • “You are our beloved client, so by the end of November, buy your favorite model for XXX XXX$. Call now: +1 (111) 111-1111.”
  • “Want to try the Tesla? Sign up for a test drive in a car dealership right now by phone: +1 (111) 111-1111.”
  • “Profitable loans for all 2020 models. Details on the dealership website: https: // …”
  • “Time to take your Tesla to the first MOT, do not forget to pre-register by phone: +1 (111) 111-1111. Your car dealership.”

Launching an SMS campaign

With our bulk SMS service from Atompark Software you can not only send texting SMS to your client, but one more you can use a special Lead Extractor. It gives you an opportunity to fetch the phone numbers to expand your clients’ base.

What you need using the SMS sender:

  • create your own account;
  • fill the contacts information or upload the client’s database (also you can use Lead Extractor for comfortable gathering of contacts);
  • write an example of your texting SMS (you can use template for bulk SMS);
  • create the schedule of sending for timely receiving the information;
  • try first 10 messages for free (you don’t even need to provide credit card details for the test period);
  • enjoy the result!

Stay with AtomPark and let`s do life easier together!

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