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Event Text Messaging Service

Different events are held by both commercial and non-commercial organizations. Businesses do this for increasing the loyalty of the target audience. They organize:

  • the parties in honor of opening;
  • the celebrations of the anniversaries of work;
  • some events related to different holidays.

And this is a really working way. 60% of influencers believe that events are the surest way to reach better clients’ loyalty.

Nonprofits can organize both entertaining events and those needed for work. For instance:

  • meetings;
  • seminars;
  • webinars;
  • parties.

And furthermore, there are more private events for a narrow circle of people:

  • corporate parties;
  • celebrations of the personal holidays (birthdays, hen or stag parties, weddings, etc);
  • and any other possible events.

But how to tell the target audience about your event if they don’t even know about it yet? Or how to make them not to forget to come if they have already received an invitation? Use SMS for event promotion! Read further, and you will find some tips on how to do this and get the templates you are free to use for your text messages.

How can Event Management Use Mass Texting

Modern life consists of plenty of different occasions, and it’s hard for people to be aware of all of them and not to forget about each one they are invited to. So, there are some problems that event management companies or businesses organizing them by themselves face:

  • Few people know about the event, so there are not enough participants.
  • Many of the invited persons forget to come.
  • There is no confirmation of registration for online events, so there are many fake participants.

All of them can be solved by using SMS in the event organizing industry.

Here is how event management can use text messaging service:

  • Set up service SMS for confirming registration for online events. A person will get a text message with a unique code. Entering it he/she confirms that this is a real person who gets registered for your webinar.
  • Send welcoming SMS after registration to online events. Thank a person for taking interest in your webinar or another thing you are going to hold. This will be pleasant for a future participant, will increase his/her loyalty, and will let him/her know that the registration process was successful.
  • Use promotional SMS to let people know about your event. Imagine that you are opening a new business, and very few people know about it yet. So, you’ve decided to organize a party in honor of the opening with some gifts, discounts, etc. But how let people know that such an event will be held? Gather the phone numbers of the target audience and send them invitations via SMS.
  • Send reminders. Of course, you don’t want your effort and budget on event preparation to be wasted. So, care about the fact that invited people won’t forget to come. Send them reminding SMS right before the event. If it will be held offline then the best time for this is on the eve of it or on the morning of the same day if it will happen in the evening. And if this is an online event, send a reminder half an hour before the start for a person to have time to make a cup of tea, sit down comfortably, and prepare to watch.

And how to send these text messages? Don’t worry, due to the modern technologies you won’t have to reach out to each receiver by one manually. There are specialized bulk SMS services for mass texting.

Why You Should Use SMS Event Management Tools?

The events can be of different sizes, and the number of guests can vary. And if it is possible to send SMS to 10-15 people to invite them to your birthday it’s hard to imagine that the reminders of the seminar or new business opening party with thousands of participants can be sent manually. So, if you are planning large-scale event text messaging service is the only way to notify all the target audience about it. With the help of it, you can send SMS to an unlimited number of recipients just in a few clicks. One of the services that can help you in event management is Atomic SMS Sender. It combines several advantages:

  • Easiness to use. The interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • 24/7 support. If you’ve got some problems using the service you can get qualified help at any time of day or night.
  • Low prices. The service offers a favorable pricing policy. Also, you get a 10% bonus from the first account replenishment after registration.

Bulk SMS for Event Managers: Sample Templates

If you have never written the text for mass SMS we have prepared the ready-made templates for each of the cases from the list you have seen previously in this article:

  • Confirming registration for event SMS:

    John, you are getting registered to %name_of_event%. Enter this code 11111 to confirm.

  • Welcoming text message:

    Mary, we are glad that you’ve just registered for %name_of_event%. Join us for getting useful knowledge on %date% at %time%! We will send you the link to the translation 30 minutes before the start.

  • Promotional SMS:

    Ann, Grand opening of a new club %name_of_it% is coming soon! Free entrance to a great party and a gift for all guests. Come on %date% at %time% to %address%

  • Reminder for an online event:

    George, join the %name_of_webinar%: We’re starting within 30 minutes: at %time%

  • Reminder for an offline event:

    Jane, don’t forget about the %name_of_event% today/tomorrow at %time%. We’re waiting for you at %address%!

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