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Tips for Setting Goals for SMS — Aligning Goals & Objective to SMS Marketing

If you want to reach at least 40% of responses from your mailing list, you should know how to develop awesome SMS marketing campaigns for your business. Let’s consider how to achieve such a result, as well as the reason why SMS-mailing is still one of the most powerful tools for attracting customers.

Paint a picture of your target customer

To begin with, explore your ideal potential client. Research on the target audience, segment it, and divide it into focus groups. This will help you to better understand the customer’s needs and divide subscribers by interests. Check out your contact base via HLR lookup to sort out outdated contacts from actual that you segment for send outs.

With proper segmentation, you will provide dynamic content for each subgroup in the database. In the end, your effective mailing will attract up to extra 40% of new responses.

Define your key performance indicators (KPIs)

It’s important to define the key rates and measure them after each campaign to plan and scale. Setting your marketing goals in general is pointless if you don’t give yourself a standard, or a way to define success. So, when you launch your SMS campaigns, make sure that you have a way of measuring SMS performance or even quantifying your progress for future success. Choose the proper key performance indicators (KPIs) and stick to them.

Set a budget

When you are through with your best strategies to increase SMS ROI, KPIs you’re going to use and the tools to measure results, you may pass over to the financial issues. Determine the total amount that you’re going to put towards your marketing efforts. How much you’re going to spend for each SMS, for marketing tools, and other expenses should be calculated. Do not forget about the vendor’s payoffs (if any), risks, and other supplying expenditures.

Establish SMART goals

Top marketing recommends setting up your goals SMART.

SMART is an acronym that helps people create and achieve marketing goals. These letters stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. This is a definition that anyways emphasizes intentionality.

Thus, according to S.M.A.R.T. Goal principles, it’s essential that you set your marketing goals clear and attainable. For your SMS campaign to be a success, apply tips for successful text messaging in your practice.

Choose the best service for your mailings

There are plenty of effective SMS messaging tools that will organize your process professionally and help with your campaign efficiency. They are SMS mailers and API integrated platforms that enable sending on the Internet. Find the best tools to create text, delete text duplicates, check out spam, receive reports and create message signatures instead of a number, etc. Choose Atomic software as your top online text message sender.

Use tips for the success of Text Messaging

One of the most efficient ways to market to your customers is through text messaging. So, to create effective SMS, you also need to follow some texting & text marketing recommendations.

Be consistent.

Focus on staying on brand, as with all of your marketing strategy. Use the same tone of voice you’ve established throughout your brand in your other marketing areas to communicate with customers in a familiar way. Stick to the SMART principles while being consistent with all you do.

Be engaging.

The content of your texts should be interesting and to the point. Since you are working with a limited number of characters in each text, every word must be carefully thought out. Assume that every customer might not read your message to the end. So you’d better prioritize the information from the start of your message.

Mind the message timing.

Timing plays an important role in the efficiency of your SMS. Play a big part in how effective your text marketing campaign is by setting time limits. Consider the factors like days of the week/your customers working schedules/weekends/holidays and other variables that may impact results. Determine the most optimal periods of time when customers will be the most receptive to your SMS messages.

Also, keep in mind some specific periods when your customers will rather prefer not to be disturbed. Avoid sending any text messages in those timeframes. Mind the loyal/regular customers’ time preferences, etc.

Mind mobile marketing performance.

Automate all aspects of your mobile marketing, from ad creation to revenue optimization. Do not forget to review and define mobile marketing KPIs for your marketing campaigns, especially if you’re working with a mobile audience. For example, an AI-powered mobile app marketing platform will be across top marketing channels to be promoted and measured as per these KPIs.

Text marketing checklist for SMS marketers:

  • Set objective for text marketing campaign;

  • Define SMS marketing ROI;

  • Review TCPA or any other industry standards to ensure compliance;

  • Build a list of customer phone numbers;

  • Obtain written consent from subscribers by an opt-in option on their mobile phones, on your website, or in a paper form (if any);

  • Determine message frequency;

  • Build a content plan with the number of messages for weekly and monthly send out and for the timing of your messages;

  • Write your message content;

  • Select an SMS KPI to measure performance on (e.g., response rate, attrition rate);

  • Choose your favourite tool from bulk SMS software to optimize work;

  • Implement A/B testing to see which text or subject line is the most effective;

  • Set up a confirmation text to go to subscribers with important information and disclaimers.


Show the benefits of your offers via SMS by following the tips for developing SMS marketing for business goal. Formulate your proposal in top quality text content, leave contacts for feedback in every message, and mind the mobile marketing KPIs to measure the results of your effort. SMS messaging will become for you one of the main ways to attract new customers, as well as retain the old ones depending on your current business SMART goals.

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