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Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Bulk SMS System

An advertising SMS campaign is one of the most effective marketing tools. TOP SMS service provider, in turn, may provide official operator channels; give recommendations on how to act within the advertising law and a unique platform for optimizing mailing. A reliable provider helps to make an SMS advertising campaign as effective as possible, as well as to set it up quickly and conveniently. So, how to choose a reliable provider?

Figure out the real price of a service

Messaging costs from International SMS service providers not only refer to the price of a single message sent, but to all the fees related to joining and sending SMS through a particular service provider. Before choosing your sender, do an accurate cost-of-service analysis. Consider if there are any setup fees or hidden fees. If the advertised cost per SMS includes a Value Added Tax. If unused credits expire/ there’s a free trial period, etc. Always keep in mind that any of these may unexpectedly push an SMS campaign over budget.

Also, feel free to ask Atomic specialists on how to meet true costs and revenue needs for business via quality text message sender.

Explore the interface

Any bulk SMS service should be easy-to-use and user-friendly. It simplifies your interaction with the system and saves your time & effort on marketing campaigns. Make sure your chosen bulk SMS system does not require any coding skills from you. Check if it doesn’t waste your time with poor UX or other inconveniences.

Understand deliverability metrics

The next thing will be to understand if the deliverability options of the chosen sender fit your business or not. Some low-quality services will waste SMS marketing funds instead of correctly utilizing them.

Deliverability is the percentage of emails that are accepted by a recipient’s networks.

Which deliverability or Email acceptance metrics should you focus on?

  • Delivery rate;

  • Bounce rate;

  • Inbox placement rate;

  • Spam placement rate, etc.

Example: 10,000 delivered emails ÷ 12,500 total emails sent * 100 = 80% delivery rate.

Finally, make sure you choose a service provider that guarantees global coverage & delivery to a range of networks. Your SMS provider should never limit services to just your home country or a single SMS API usage.

Define the integration process

Make sure your SMS marketing services offer an easy to integrate API with comprehensive documentation. Bulk SMS service provider should have easy to integrate API because it integrates your website, mobile app or CRM system smoothly and uncomplicatedly. And you don’t have to be extra skilled for that.

Other functions

You may also inquiry about other important functions from your SMS sender. For example, check if there’s a cellphone carrier lookup option or SMPT server availability. CRM integrations or availability of instant messengers for sending out your bulk SMS, etc.

Besides, make sure your SMS provider offers you 24/7 qualified support and superb customer service from technical specialists.


Discover the factors that matter to your business and marketing model prior to choosing a bulk SMS provider. Research on the top SMS marketing tool from great providers & then select a good one for your SMS marketing campaigns.

Always seek for easy to use platform for creating and sending professional messages with quick and simple processing. Rely on security; understand the delivery rates, service expertise. Choose a provider with easy integration for email and SMS API & great technical support.

Feel free to use Atomic products to fit the criteria of your marketing campaigns & improve your results!

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