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Atomic SMS Sender Features

Atomic SMS Sender offers a wide range of options for the implementation of any marketing task. Atomic online mass SMS service is:

Global Coverage and High-Speed

  • Send SMS online all over the world with more than 200 countries and 900 operators.
  • SMS sending is carried out at a speed of 200-500 SMS/sec.
  • A recipient gets the message just seconds after delivery starts.
  • Send SMS in any language thanks to Unicode support.

Flexible Settings – Time, Date, Size, Format

  • Send both individual and bulk SMS messages
  • Support for long messages. SMS larger than 160 characters GSM or 70 Unicode characters are split into pieces (delivery of the SMS messages longer than 6 parts can be difficult).
  • Sending scheduler. Start your mass texting campaign on the specified day and time.
  • Sending SMS online in parts over a specified interval of time. The ability to allocate time to mass distribution over a large number of subscribers.
  • Dynamic alphanumeric sender’s name. While sending messages, you can specify any number or letter name as the sender (SMS “substitute service”).

Texting Optimization

  • Template creation for different types of sending.
  • Reporting on each SMS campaign: total distribution, number of delivered and undelivered messages and those waiting to be delivered.
  • Ability to maintain “clean” lists by adding contacts to the “Exceptions” list.

Subscription Forms

  • Easy subscription forms creation with unique design and style
  • Two-level subscription system: confirmation code sending
  • SMS receiving date choice. Subscribers select the time they want to get text notifications from you.

Unsubscription Link

SMS messages may contain a link to unsubscribe from the ads. Phone numbers of those who have unsubscribed are put into the “Exceptions” list.

Security of Online Text Messaging

  • Safety of data sent via Atomic SMS Sender.
  • Non-proliferation of any information about customers and partners without their consent.

Atomic SMS for Google Chrome Extension is available for free. Fast sending SMS from Google Chrome extension without the switching to Member Area. Extracting phone numbers from all the webpages you have visited. Automatic country detection by domain or webpage language. Creating reports about sent campaigns in SMS service account. To get answers on your questions about choosing SMS Service you can write our managers in chat.


Register now and get 10 free SMS for testing service