What is an SMS API?

An SMS application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions, rules and standards for accessing a web-based application.

AtomPark SMS Gateway API provides a seamless and effective experience and service by integrating with SMS API solution to provide a means of communication between your SMS gateway and your service thus allowing you to send bulk SMS and receive bulk text messages and check delivery status and reports.

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The Atomic SMS Server

At AtomPark, Our SMS API can be used in a number of ways which can be grouped into these two ways:

  • The REST API: which gives you access to all our messaging gateway features including the bulk SMS API.

  • The Email2SMS gateway API: which does not require any additional coding can be used for two-way SMS communication.

The Atomic API SMS service is a trusted SMS gateway provider with the capability to deliver mass text internationally, instantly, reliably and securely to millions and even billions of people worldwide. With SMS sending API, you can SMS-enable any system, website or application which is the most affordable and easiest way to send texting.

Through the service, message delivery undergoes sophisticated load balancing completely network independent and this is achieved through smart routing technology that always seeks out effective text sms API routes with the lowest-cost.

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Advantages of Integration of the SMS API

Increased operation reliability

It is a very common experience that every now and then the servers of many SMS service provider becomes overloaded. This is because sometimes some users send a very large number of messages causing the service provider’s server to be temporarily overloaded resulting in considerable message delivery delay for even other users. Sometimes the messages might not even be sent at all. Our SMS gateway, on the other hand, enables you to make use of the Email to SMS gateway as well as the bulk SMS with API completely independent of SMS service providers.

Here are other advantages of our bulk SMS with API:

  • We offer Multiple Gateway Support.

  • We provide Delivery reports and receipts for all SMS Routes.

  • Priority messaging is available.

  • 24/7 ticket support system.

  • All the Network providers are supported.

  • Effective and Premium High-speed gateway.

  • Challenging Network stability.

  • Free Sender ID.

  • Very Fast Activation of SENDER ID’s and Other service requests.

  • 100% TRAI Rule Safe DND Gateway.

For What Purposes is SMS Gateway Service?

We offer various types of SMS Gateway Services and messaging solutions for both individuals and businesses, focusing especially on Transactions, Short Code, Voice SMS Service, Promotional and Long Code with Quality SMS web API which ensures 100% ROI.

We are a global and international player in Mobile Marketing solutions and our Atomic API SMS service is second to none.

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How The Atomic SMS Gateway Works

  • All major development environments are supported including ASP, PHP, C# etc.

  • You can Send SMS via HTTP POST, SMPP service.

  • Allows Promotional and Transactional, SMS API.

  • You can Check Delivery and Credit Balance API.

  • XML API.

  • Group and Unicode, SMS API.

  • It is Easy to Develop.

  • Schedule SMS online API.

  • 99% Up-time.

Ways of Integration SMS Server

Our SMS text SMS API allows you to integrate our texting service with your website, business application or software directly in order to allow automation of the sending and receiving messages. Integration is hassle free and straightforward because you can use any programming of your choice. You would be pleased how easy and quick it is to add text messaging functionality to your application or website.

Use different programming languages to integrate the SMS Gateway API

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