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How to Send Email Messages to SMS?

We are offering a connection to our SMS gateway free of charge. It helps to automate bulk SMS sending and integrate Atomic SMS Sender service into various projects.

The feature let you sending SMS (text messages) to mobile phones of you subscribers via SMTP protocol through your favorite email client.

Email2SMS Feature Instruction

In order to start sending your SMS-campaign via email, you need to choose Yes in “E-Mail interface enabled” and click Save in your profile setting. Your personal code will appear in Your code line.

Note! Never pass your code to third parties, as by knowing your code, anyone can enable SMS sending via your account.
After finishing with settings you should start drawing up an email

Email Subject

At the beginning of email message subject field enter your personal code, then a spacing and phone numbers separating each with a comma (without spaces or other separators). Recipients phone numbers have to be typed in international format without “+” sign, for example: 380672920388.

Example of subject: your_code phone_number1,phone_number2,phone_number3

Email Body (content)

At the beginning of your email body type alphanumeric sender ID (not longer than 11 English characters) placed between an open and closing tag [SENDER][/SENDER], then with no spaces between tags [SMS][/SMS] – the message itself. Anything beyond the tags will be ignored.

Example of email body: [SENDER]Sender ID[/SENDER][SMS]SMS text body[/SMS]

Email Recipient

Email must be sent to sms@atomic.center.

The price of the text message sent via Email2SMS protocol is the same as the price indicated in your Atomic SMS Sender account (or agreed special price).

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions related to our bulk SMS software or SMS gateway.

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