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Elevate the performance of marketing agency

Boost your agency's marketing strategies by connecting with current clients and capturing new prospects. Keep clients updated with the latest industry trends, highlight informative webinars and events, and offer exclusive promotions to enhance audience engagement.

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Target only real leads

Streamline email lists for marketing agencies: correct wrongly formatted emails, verify existing email domains, and checks the actual validity of each email with servers. This results in a cleaner and more effective list, enhancing agency outreach.

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Stay connected to every client

Extract email addresses and other contact details to broaden your potential client base. Just input a keyword, and the software will seamlessly source related contacts for you. Ensure your outreach is both efficient and effective.

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Why Atomic Studio is the best solution

Full access to mailing lists
Engage unlimited audiences with our potent mass email tools.
Connect to any SMTP
Explore and choose from any SMTP server providers.
3-step email list verification
Review your base and maintain active and interested leads.
Free trial
Begin your 7-day journey to uncover all six dynamic features we offer.
Lifetime purchase license
Buy once and enjoy limitless advantages of your license.
Technical support 24/7
Our committed team is always at your service for all support needs.

AtomPark empowers you to excel in your industry

Voronin Artem
Primak Evgeniya
Restaurant manager
Olga Mazanova
Anna Kutuzova
Marketing manager
I have been searching for Email Addresses Harvester software from last few days to buy a reliable and efficient one. and finally came across massmailsoftware, i just download a Trail Version which i found most efficient,reliable and multifunction, i finally decide to buy one. i would definitely recommend Atomic Email Hunter if you are looking to harvest Email Address from Search Engines around the Globe. Kindest Regards Afridi
Tehseen Afridi
Senior SEO-consultant at Afdidi

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You might be wondering

Are there any limits on the number of addresses in a bulk email list?
You can add as many email addresses as required, but the sending capacity varies with your email provider. Some providers limit you to sending 500 emails at once, while others allow up to 10,000. It's essential to adhere to their terms to prevent account suspension.
For what criteria does Atompark email extractor software search?
Our email search software is designed to scan dynamic websites and gather email addresses, making Email Hunter a potent and valuable tool for large-scale email marketing. Using our web email extractor, you can harvest email addresses from websites where your potential customers are likely to be, utilizing keywords tailored to your business. That's why we proudly refer to it as the incredible and indispensable Email Format Finder!
Is Atomic bulk email software proxy-compatible?
Creating and launching bulk email campaigns with Atomic Mail Sender is a straightforward process. Here are the general steps to guide you:
  1. Download and install Atomic Mail Sender;
  2. Import or create your email list;
  3. Create your email content;
  4. Personalize your emails;
  5. Configure SMTP server settings;
  6. Set up sending options;
  7. Test your campaign;
  8. Launch your campaign;
  9. Monitor and analyze results;
  10. Review and optimize.
Remember to follow email marketing best practices, including compliance with relevant laws (e.g., CAN-SPAM Act), using opt-in lists, and maintaining list hygiene to ensure successful and ethical bulk email campaigns.

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