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Let us take a few typical examples of how the program is used:

  1. 1. Offering a discount to a prospect.

    Create a new autoresponse rule. The autoresponse condition can be specified as the word 'discount' in the message body. If it is detected, a reply with a special offer to buy the product or the service right now with a certain discount will be automatically sent.

    Customers like such quick replies a lot and they very often go to the order form right away. And they do not even have a clue whose reply it really was!

  2. 2. Notifications about received messages

    You can automatically notify the user that his message is received and will be processed within a short period of time.

    To do it, create a rule when an autoresponse will be sent always. This is one of the simplest cases of using Atomic Email Autoresponder.

  3. 3. Telling the user about additional features of your service.

    Suppose a person registers at your site (at least leaves his or her e-mail address). Some script on the server sends a message on behalf of this user to the Atomic Email Autoresponder address. You can configure the program so that it keeps telling the user on and on about new features and advantages of your site.

    To do it, create a new rule. Specify the necessary autoresponse conditions (to simplify it, we will reply to all incoming mail). Create an autoresponse message at the bottom. It will be the first message sent to the user immediately (although you can send it with a certain delay you can specify if you click Properties).

    Then click Add new and specify the interval to send the second reply in. For example, in 3 days. Click OK and you can create the second message after the dialog box is closed.

    In the same way you can create the third message sent in a certain number of days and so on.

As you can see, the opportunities are unlimited!

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