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How You Can Use Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

How to apply quiz marketing & to get results, create interesting questions for your audiences and come up with engaging digital marketing quizzes?

Marketing business quiz is a communication strategy, the purpose of which is to create audience interest in a product and identify consumer needs with the help of a small interactive.

Quiz generally – is a marketing tool for generating leads: a quiz with a choice of answers from several options, a survey, a questionnaire, a test, and the like. Depending on the type of quiz, distribution channels and audience, the received applications will be converted in different ways.

To help you get the most out of the tool, we have prepared an overview of the main features of online marketing games and scenarios for their use. Enjoy it.

Best quiz ideas with examples

To come up with thoughtful questions for a marketing quiz may be really hard. Concise questions, ease of choice, competitive element, and instant results – this is the combination that allows you to capture even a sophisticated user. In addition, the quiz should offer a reward.

In total, we distinguish three quiz types that may serve as a communication tool with the audience and are suitable for landing a brand. You will see how their effect and capabilities may differ, and you will understand which type of quiz is right for your business.

Affiliate activity quiz

Affiliate activity in online media is a great choice. Many online media offer their readers entertaining games. Brands are offered to mimic this content within the framework of partner material – quiz on behalf of the brand.



  • big traffic from the media;
  • easy to calculate coverage;
  • quiz remains on the pages of the publications for years.

Among the minuses: you cannot segment the audience – all visitors may play. It is impossible to obtain personal data of the player, and you cannot motivate to a targeted action (for example, share your email with you).

Landing page or website the quiz

Quiz on your landing page or website are the best idea for quiz. Quiz is located on the pages of your site. The visitors are asked questions that will help them better understand which of your products is right for them or how much it will cost. For example, a quiz about the renovation of an apartment, as a result of which the participant will receive a cost estimate of that of his/her own.



  • the audience is segmented: these are visitors who are definitely interested in your product or service;
  • collect leads;
  • you can trace the purchase pipeline;
  • you can get the participant’s data and embed it in the email funnel;
  • can improve the behavioral factor (which is important for SEO);

Among the minuses there may be: bad working on all devices (problems with mobile), annoying “pop-up” issues, or boosting traffic without increasing it.

Branded quiz on an independent platform

Branded quiz on an independent platform is another type to consider. The brand’s audience participates in a quiz on a third-party platform, answering questions about the brand, seeing the right answers and competing in their erudition (HQ Trivia, Kahoot format, etc). Games often come with prizes.



  • big traffic from the platform;
  • easy to calculate coverage;
  • you can upload the database of participants (if the platform asks for permission of participants to use their personal data);
  • you can segment the participants (by announcing by groups);
  • suitable for any device;
  • integrates with social networks, etc.

But they’re not intended for embedding on the site, traffic remains on the platform during the game. Similarity with fraudulent activities such as “take a survey, get a million” remains (therefore, there should be adequately small prizes).

The popularity of these formats may be attributed to their simplicity – often users begin to take tests in order to briefly escape from routine tasks – and human curiosity. Genius is simple.

On the other hand, if you start taking the test, you will not forget about it until you finish – there is a psychological explanation for this phenomenon, which is based on a violation of the principle of integrity and is called incomplete gestalt.

Therefore, if a user has spent time answering Personality Quiz questions, he/she would rather leave the contacts to find out the result if it was a regular application form, etc.

Building a quiz

What should be considered when developing a marketing quiz websites? Not only your customers knowledge-testing or giving freebies if not incentives with real big prizes, but much more should be included into your marketing quiz concept development. A quiz is also one of the Effective Ways to Grow Your Email Lists.

Grab attention

Illustrations attract more attention and desire to respond than solid text, so products should be visualized whenever possible. It will also save the site visitor’s time. It should be engaging and curious to try.

The questions don’t have to be hard. It is better to leave this for the manager, who will clarify the necessary details during the conversation if any. Otherwise, the questions will scare off the client and the quiz will not work.

Boost customer engagement

Motivate the client by promising a discount or other value for passing the quiz.

A significant plus of the quiz is that it does not need to be cooler than its competitors. A person interested in your offer, if he/she has already come to the site, then this is 50% of success. And the only task is to hook him and start answering questions. It doesn’t matter how cool a competitor can do it, because a person already has a need, he is on the site and is ready to give you time.

Offer multiple options

It is necessary to provide options for the undecided. By adding the answers “not decided yet”, “not planned yet”, you will help those who do not yet know what they want, and you will know what to focus the manager’s attention on during the conversation.

Always and everywhere there must be an alternative! By adding the answers “haven’t decided yet”, “haven’t planned yet”, you will help those who have not fully decided on their choice and will know what to focus the manager’s attention on during the conversation.

Leave a step-back escape route. If the client makes a mistake during the test, it is easier to return than retake the test. And if such a function is not available, the result is clear: the visitor will leave the site.

Apply marketing tools

Use email marketing software to optimize our quiz processing or analyze results to generate great newsletter quiz ideas for your future campaigns.

After analyzing the past activities, you can get important information about site visitors. Having studied the categories of your future customers and their interests, you will be able to offer content that your audience will need exactly and so much more.

Sharing a quiz

Quizzes should be distributed via social media/emails, etc, where they may go viral and provide you nearly with never-ending traffic to your web resources. Do not forget to mind the Best Day and Time to Send Email Campaign and come up with creative tests for your users.

Quiz guarantees the engagement of the audience on social networks. You may build one within the chosen network for free.

Why do people go to social networks? To distract, they lack communication and experience. This is the best moment to catch the users there: they are ready to consume the content; their attention is open to new things.

On social networks, the announcement of the quiz will more easily break through the advertising noise. The important thing here is to announce the game or sale out and repeat it often; thus, a community of engaged users will gather around the brand & grow for good.

Wrapping up

The visitors are more likely to click on effective lead generation quizzes and make the suggested actions without leaving the website. This is not only entertainment but a working tool that helps to implement the collection of applications in various commercial niches: from selling toys to repairs.

The company that created the quiz website will attract many customers and increase the number of orders by taking their personal data to send out mass emails, instant messengers, and others.

The top-quality examples of marketing quizzes form an expansion of the client base: the company receives the contact details of its target audience. This may increase the flow of new applications, thanks to which sales will increase. Besides, they do not distract the client from the target action & conveys information. There are many advantages of using games to engage the audience.

And what’s your point in using them in marketing? Feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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