Atomic Email Verifier Features

Email list cleaning software helps to decrease email Bounce Rate.

You can use an Atomic Mail Verifier and verify emails in three steps. This three-level validity check gives the most effective results. Each of the three steps can be executed separately, or combined to form one big verification process. The steps are:

  • Syntax check. This is basic verification. Addresses are checked for correspondence to the RFC registration.

  • Domain check. The domain’s existence is checked. In the case of a non-existent domain, the email address would also be nonexistent.

  • Email address verifying stage. This is the last step of full verification. Atomic Mail Verifier searches for a domain’s SMTP server and checks the user’s existence.

With such reliable verification, you can exclude as many nonexistent emails as possible. Thia is one of the biggest Advantages of Atomic Email Verifier. You will also prevent deletion of truly valid emails using an email address verifier. Keep reading to find out the other benefits of Mail Verifier.


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Advanced Validation

The user is free to choose the necessary type of validation:

  • Standard. This type of check involves standard verification algorithms.

  • Advanced validation. If you’ve got multiple domains, this type of validation will be especially effective. In the filter settings, pick out the domains you want to be checked. Advanced validation dramatically increases the quality of mailing list verification and have an effect on email open rate for future campaigns.

Domain Rules

You have the opportunity to set rules for existing domains. You just need to select a domain and specify a rule for it. What does a rule look like? It is a kind of default status for selected domains. Here are some available rules:

  • Always “Correct”

  • Always “Incorrect”

  • Always “Missed”

  • Always “Unchecked”

Filter rule existence provides a good opportunity to control the process of verification.

Mailing List Import

You can load lists from:

  • Clipboard

  • *.doc, *.docx, *.txt, *.xls, and *.xlsx files

  • Outlook Address Book

  • Due to the program’s full integration with other Atomic products, mailing lists can be imported directly from Atomic Lead Extractor, Atomic Newsgroup Explorer, and Atomic WHOIS Explorer. With our email list manager software you will be able to break a long dataset into parts or smaller lists.

Proxy Support

Our software supports several types of proxy servers: Socks 4 proxy, Socks 4a proxy, and Socks 5 proxy.

You can manually set the settings of your proxy server (“General Settings / Proxy”). The program constantly monitors the proxy servers. The frequency of proxy checks is also set by the user.

Atomic Mail Verifier Export Functions

All the verified addresses can be saved to:

  • MS Office (Word, Excel)

  • Open Office (Writer, Calc)

  • Text file

  • Clipboard

The saved document will contain only existing addresses. If you need to export all data (correct, incorrect, and unchecked) to a different file format, use Export Wizard. It will save the data in the form of columns with names and statuses.

To know more about Atomic Mail Verifier watch the screenshots on how the service works.

Full Integration with Other Atomic Products

Atomic Mail Verifier can use address lists collected by other Atomic products. The file format is detected automatically.


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