How to Use Email and SMS Marketing for Beaty Sphere?

Email blasts and text message service for business is the most workable method of attracting and keeping clients nowadays. It can be used both by individual entrepreneurs and by big salons or networks of beauty parlors. Keep reading and learn how to craft an effective email and SMS campaign, how to choose the best mobile SMS marketing service.

Why is the usage of email and SMS text marketing so popular?

These marketing channels will let you:

  1. 1. Get known by the target audience, even if you do not have a salon (for example, you provide services at home).

  2. 2. Let people know that your beauty parlor is going to be opened. This way you can attract clients even before establishing. You can hold a promotion for a certain number of first clients (such as a discount or presents for 100 first visitors). Also, make sure to invite as many people as possible to your opening ceremony. All these efforts will make it possible to start working just after establishing because you will have enough visitors for this.

A salon attracts people on its opening.

  1. 1. Enlarge the number of visitors.

  2. 2. Make one-time clients permanent.

  3. 3. Hold your regular customers.

  4. 4. Get clients from abroad. For this, there should be some unique procedures in your arsenal. Use international SMS marketing and email listing to inform users from other countries.

Starting bulk SMS advertising: Know your target audience

This is the first step of creating powerful email marketing and SMS advertising campaigns. To increase sales, you should find a common language with your audience. The criteria, which will help you to create a portrait of your potential visitor:

  • Age. For example, there are absolutely different sets of procedures for young girls and ladies 40+.

  • Income. You should take into account the level of your salon. It can be econom-class (professionals, which provide beauty services at home can be included in this group), business-class and premium-class.

  • Pains, fears, needs. They will partially depend on age too. For example, some senior ladies are afraid of looking old, and they need effective rejuvenating procedures.

What links to use in the mass SMS and email marketing campaigns?

Give a URL of your website or an account on Facebook or Instagram. The last one is the most effective way to promote beauty business. This social network focuses on visual content. It can show people the result of your services.

An appealing page on Instagram, which shows the result of procedures.

Whom to address messages?

Using email marketing platform and SMS advertising, you can get new customers, make them regular. Also, these methods will help you not to lose your frequent visitors. Send texts to:

  • followers of your pages on social networks;

  • followers of your competitors’ accounts;

  • your competitors’ clients;

  • visitors of your website, who have left their email or phone number;

  • your former clients;

  • one-time and frequent visitors.

Kinds of contacts for email and bulk SMS marketing

There are 3 types of them:

  1. 1. Cold. These are people who are not ready to make a purchase, because they do not even know about you. Your aim is to inform them about your services.

  2. 2. Warm. They are ready to use some services and interested in you, but are still hesitating. Give them the reasons to choose exactly your beauty parlor.

  3. 3. Hot. These are people who are absolutely ready to start using your services. Also, this group includes your former and present clients.

SMS to an ex-client caused an appointment.

The topics of messages

You can put in your texts for emails or gateway for SMS such information:

  • Invitation to the beauty parlor. They will be relevant for both cold, warm and hot contacts. But don’t send it too often.

  • Bonuses, promotions, presents, sales can motivate people book an appointment or order more procedures, than usually.

  • New procedures in the menu list. It will help you broaden the target audience.

  • Opening a new affiliate in the network of salons.

  • The address change.

  • Dates, place of educational activities (master-classes, courses, seminars).

  • Reminders of a date and time of visit. A client can confirm the appointment, change the date or cancel it at all for you to be able to take another customer in that time.

A reminder of the booked appointment. Available variants are to confirm it or change the date.

  • Holiday congratulations. Wish clients Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. It will enhance their loyalty.

Top-10 best email and SMS marketing solutions for beauty industry

If you want to make SMS and email text message marketing efficient, try to follow our advice:

  1. 1. Do not write long texts. They will not be read. Send laconic messages, which exactly describe your offer. Put the most catchy information in the title and the first sentence.

Short and concise text of email newsletter.

  1. 2. Highlight the information about bonuses, presents, sales and promotions. It will interest an addressee instantly.

Information about a discount is written in huge font and is located in the center of the whole text.

  1. 3. Mention your pluses and distinctive features. It will help you to stand out among competitors.

  2. 4. Expand the text with photos or video. Researchers say that 65% of people read emails with graphics.

There are 3 photos in the text.

  1. 5. Segment your target audience into smaller groups. Use personalized information. Start an email or SMS from the name of client.

The message starts from the client’s name.

  1. 6. Make your material easy to read from a mobile phone. Almost half of users read emails from their smartphones.

  2. 7. Write original topics. Emails with standard advertising headings can go to the spam folder. Some people do not even open them.

  3. 8. There should necessarily be a call to action. Usually it is placed at the end of the newsletter. Its target can be in visiting your website, following your pages on social networks, taking part in some events and promotions, booking an appointment, etc.

A call to action motivates the reader to book an appointment.

  1. 9. Offer to plan the next visit for those, who visited the salon before. It will help to make one-time clients constant. Furthermore, there are some procedures, which effect does not last long (for example, manicure, which looks good only first 2-3 weeks).

An invitation for the next visit.

A salon invites a client for the next massage session.

  1. 10. If you will send only advertisements, receivers will get tired of it soon. Sometimes send informational articles. Put there some advice about self-care. Give an indirect advertising of your procedures there. Also, it is possible to attract visitors to your website with its help. Send a short extract via email, and offer a client to read the full version on the blog.

How to merge email and SMS marketing activities for beauty business?

SMS and emails can be used for different purposes:

  • Mobile messages — for greetings, reminders, announcements about sales and bonuses.

  • Emails — for informational articles, detailed descriptions of promotions etc.

3 pluses of using email software and SMS marketing services

SMS marketing providers and email software have such advantages:

  1. 1. Very fast process of sending messages.

  2. 2. No limit on the quantity of contacts, that will receive your emails or SMS. Unlike services for the personal use (for example, Gmail). Also, you can use IMSI code lookup to verify your database.

  3. 3. The possibility to keep statistics and control the success of the campaign.

  4. 4. It is easy to segment the target audience.

  5. 5. There is a possibility for receivers to unsubscribe from your email or mass text campaign. It will let you send messages only to relevant recipients.

The rules of choosing internet and mobile marketing tools

Do you want to choose the best SMS marketing platform and email software? Then look at these 4 parameters:

  1. 1. The maximum quantity of contacts. The more people you can send your messages — the better (especially if your business is big).

  2. 2. User-friendly interface.

  3. 3. The presence or absence of technical support. It should compulsory exist to help you if something is hard to understand.

  4. 4. Price. Cheap SMS marketing can give poor results. But too expensive price can be unjustified. You can save some budget with the help of mobile number operator check.

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