Email Service

emailserv-cloud It is online service for sending mass mailings. Atomic Email Service allows you to create, send and track delivery of your messages. The convenient service that doesn’t require any technical knowledge, programs for distributing or SMTP server - just register, upload a mailing list from a file and send messages to all your recipients.

Email Tracker

tracker Atomic Email Tracker is a web based service for tracing sent newsletters. You will be able to know when and who opened your message and which links in the letter recipients cliqued. This service can be integrated with any bulk mail sending software.

HLR phone number validation

SMTP Server

smtpserv-cloud Qualitative SMTP-server for sending email-newsletters gives the ability to send messages to your mailing lists through any program or service. The high level of delivery in the «Inbox», the sending rate to 3750 emails per hour and customization - it's just some of the benefits of our SMTP service.

Online Email Verifier

AMV_VistaIcon Atomic Verifier Online service provides you with the opportunity to check the validity of email addresses. This is a multifunctional service that should be used when your port 25 is blocked or you have a large list to verify.