Subscription Manager

Update mailing lists automatically

Atomic Subscription Manager Overview

Update mailing lists automatically

Subscription Manager can automate the subscription and unsubscription processes. The program handles opt-in/opt-out requests, and adds or removes subscribers from your mailing list.

Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of processing almost any source like local files, subscription forms or inbox email messages. This software supports unlimited mailing lists and helps to keep them relevant.

Main Features


Target lists
The software can synchronize mailing lists in several ways.

  • Processing inbox emails
  • Working with subscription forms
  • Adding/removing emails from a file

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Create a number of notifications according to user actions. Whereby confirmation request will be send automatically after user opted-in, if confirmation is required.

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24/7 work

Once you create projects they will be implemented every time on running the program. Customize the program to start when you run PC, and get up-to-date mailing lists.

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How to begin with Atomic Subscription Manager

Atomic Subscription Manager is developed to automate the list generating process. Once you set up project and rules, they will work every time you launch the program. Download trial version and evaluate the program – leave in past manual list management.

Atomic Subscription Manager

The program works with projects. You can create as many projects as you need. Each project has its own mailing lists and a range of rules. You need to choose the way your mailing list will be updated. Specify the path to the email addresses list source, and create rules for your project.

Notice that Subscription Manager works with subscription forms. If you want to use such kind of forms for adding subscribers to your mailing lists, be sure whether you have placed necessary scripts on your website.

The software supports unlimited number of mailing lists, projects and rules. If you need, you can stop rules implementation, edit or delete the project at any time. Subscription Manager has a user-friendly interface, so you will quickly understand the program operation.

Instead of setting an unsubscribe on my website I ask my customers to send an email with an unsubscribe request. This software checks my mail and removes unsubscribes from my mailing list - I do not have to delete them manually. This subscription manager makes things much easier for me. Read more »
Jack Nelson
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