Atomic Subscription Manager

Update mailing lists automatically


Version 8.06 (2013-04-17)

  • expanded the range of values for smtp server port settings

Version 8.00 (2012-01-24)

  • A warning window added when changing unsaved project
  • Log and its functionality improved
  • Project management redesigned
  • Web forms improved: a separate web form for list signup and unsubscribe requests developed
  • Additional data about subscribers logged and added to the list by default: ip-address, list signup date
  • Added an option to subscribe and unsubscribe by sending an email with any message to the dedicated email address
  • Export component implemented
  • Interface improvements: icons changed, "Support" button leads to the email submit form
  • Contacts import from Outlook Express in Windows XP fixed
  • Error with deleting emails in the local rule fixed
  • Project activation error fixed
  • Error with detecting subscribers\' emails fixed
  • Error in the keywords list fixed
  • Bounce removal error fixed
  • Localization for some interface elements added
  • Error with simultaneous launching the same rule multiple times fixed
  • Paths saving in the local rule fixed
  • Error with import from a text file fixed
  • Error with adding a new column in the subscribers list fixed
  • List loading indicator changed

Version 7.31 (2011-01-11)

  • New functions for processing returned e-mails (bounced)
  • Interface errors while processing returned e-mails (bounce) have been fixed
  • Processing e-mails with keywords specified in rules error has been fixed

Version 7.30 (2010-10-26)

  • Email-rules interface has been improved
  • Notifications encoding error has been fixed
  • Error with deletion of subscribers while rules processing has been fixed
  • Sending notifications function bug has been fixed (when "user confirmation is not required" option is on)
  • Correct current project definition has been restored (when project is selected in the list)

Version 7.02 (2009-12-28)

  • User preferences of bounced messages detection has been added
  • Export wizard has been added
  • Reports generation wizard has been extended with the option to view unsubscribed users
  • Import wizard has been extended with columns choice option
  • New Ribbon UI for Vista and Windows 7
  • Context menu was added to the log window