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email subscription managerAtomic Subscription Manager works with projects, so in order to start working with this program you need to create a new project.

Each project contains specified rules, mailing lists and email templates.

New project wizard helps to customize the project in the most comfortable way by going through several steps.

On the first step you need to enter a project name and a project directory.




newsletter subscription manager

Secondly you need to specify a path to your mailing list.

While working with Atomic Subscription Manager you can use the existing mailing list or create a new one.

You are not limited in the number of email addresses on the list. But be sure that you use a registered Subscription Manager program version.






email subscription smtp-serverAll email messages sent by Subscription Manager are delivered via your mail service. So you need to configure SMTP server settings of your mail account for outgoing messages.

Enter the necessary information about account settings, sender name and “from” address.

This setting are valid for every active project and its rules





email subscription typesOn the next step you are asked to select subscription types. This means you choose how you want to add and remove subscribers.

Atomic Subscription Manager supports three types of subscription:

– by email;
– web form on your site
– from files on your computer

You can choose one subscription type or select all of them, it’s up to your needs.




subscription management softwareIf you choose subscription by email, you need to create a special rule for it and specify the way to access mail accounts.

Otherwise the program can not  finds email messages with clients’ requests for subscription/unsubscription.

While customizing mailbox settings do not forget to set unsubscribe link for Atomic Mail Sender project. Be ready to define keywords in the subject lines, so the program can apply necessary actions to client’s email address (add or remove from mailing list).





email subscription forms

Atomic Subscription Manager supports working with subscription forms that are placed on your website.

Make sure this form really exists on your webpages. Then enter a path to a webform on your site.

Main form settings includes proxy configuration, if it’s necessary.

If the subscription process needs client’s confirmation, you can specify Subscription Manager for sending email notification for each user action separately.





newsletter subscription programIf you are used to save mailing lists as a local file, then Atomic Subscription Manager can process email addresses it contains, and synchronize with the current mailing list that has been loaded into the program.

All you need to do is to specify the path to your local files: with email addresses to add, and with users contacts to remove.

Tick additional options like sending notifications, if necessary.





email subscribers manager

Create a new project and download your mailing list you are going to operate with the help of Atomic Subscription Manager.

List of subscribers includes not only email addresses but additional information separated by columns.

The program will add new email addresses or remove contacts from this mailing list exactly. This helps you to keep mailing lists always relevant, up-to-date and influence the email open rate.

You can load mailing list from a clipboard file, local file or MS Outlook and Windows Address Book, and then export email addresses into any file type you need.



subscription manager notificationsAtomic Subscription Manager send email notifications to clients. This can be an email message with the confirmation request, with information that clients email address was added to your mailing list. Or you can email other important notification which concerns clients subscription/unsubscription.

Email notifications for each case must be prepared beforehand with the proper text and message subject.

You can edit the notification whenever you need.




email subscription manager settingsMain program settings are available by clicking on the program logo in the upper left corner.

In the opened dialog window you can change the path to your project and mailing list, saved locally on your PC.

Additionally, you can change other program settings and interface language.


Instead of setting an unsubscribe on my website I ask my customers to send an email with an unsubscribe request. This software checks my mail and removes unsubscribes from my mailing list - I do not have to delete them manually. This subscription manager makes things much easier for me. Read more »
Jack Nelson
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